Will King of the Hill save HU tables at Partypoker?

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The one-on-one game format was in constant demand among poker players. The reason for the unfading popularity of HU is that skilled poker players in this format are able to maximize their expecting value against a weak player the fastest. In addition, the effect of dispersion here is lower than in 6-max, 9-max or MTT tournaments. However, paradoxically, in recent years, HU Cash tables have lost their position and the discipline itself is considered almost dead. Why did it happen?

The answer to this question is complex. A key role in this was played by:

1. Bots, tips and other methods of unfair play. Professionals had an already significant advantage over their rivals, and frank, but often unpunished fraud did not leave any semblance of equality of players when playing 1 on 1;
2. "Black Friday." Like it or not, but the decline in the influx of weak players could not but affect HU;
3. A high level of poker software. Every year, training software became more and more perfect and an increasing number of strong regulars reached a high level of play. Because of this equality, they no longer wanted to play among themselves with zero or negative mathematical expectation.
4. Cartels. The previous paragraph smoothly led to the consolidation of a situation where “non-aggression pacts” are almost signed between the players, which is why all the tables of several limits can be occupied by 2-3 leading players waiting for amateurs. Because of this, the number of games smoothly approached zero.

Each poker room has its own ways to get out of the deadlock situation with HU Cash. Some simply removed the unpopular format from their lobby. Another ones modified HU Cash tables by turning them into fast poker tables. Others try to galvanize discipline with various experiments. Partypoker with its King of the Hill belongs to them.

What does King of the Hill mean in Partypoker?
Just say that there is no detailed information about this Partypoker initiative, as it has not yet been officially launched. But according to reports, it is believed that King of the Hill will limit the ability of regular players to occupy all the limit tables in anticipation of weak players. Instead, they will have the right to sit at only one table of a specific limit. At the same time, they will be able to privately negotiate with their opponent and open additional tables after the start of Heads-Up.

According to the idea of ​​the Partypoker management, King of the Hill will attract fans and give them a chance to play among themselves. In addition, the impression that all HU Cash Partypoker lobby is occupied by bots will disappear.

It is doubtful that this innovation will lead to a dramatic increase in the popularity of HU cash tables at Partypoker. Nevertheless, the desire to normalize the situation in the discipline and return the demand for it deserves respect.

For comfortable multi-tabling on Party, we recommend you to get special themes. A complete list of layout Partypoker is here.

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