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Yandex Money.

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Briefly about payment methods


Unconditional payment system number 1 in the world. As of the beginning of 2020, over 300 million people use the services of the system. The company itself has been providing its services since 1998. The main benefits of using PayPal:

  • Easy to register and get started. To pay for goods online, you only need an email address and a password;
  • Instantaneous transactions. When buying digital goods, including computer programs, you send money, the system immediately transfers it to the seller, and the seller sends you a license, key or other way to activate the software;
  • Confidentiality of your personal information. The seller will not have access to your data, since all payments are carried out within the payment system between accounts, and not directly between you and the seller;
  • There is a "Buyer Protection" function. In case of non-receipt of the goods or other problems with it, you can activate this function and PayPal will already check your order. A very convenient way to get your money back from unscrupulous sellers.

The most popular payment system in the gambling industry (poker, sports betting, online casinos). Previously, it provided its services and conquered the market under a different guise - Moneybookers. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in London. At the moment, more than 32.5 million people use its services. The main advantages of the payment system:

  • Affordable commissions and rates. This is especially true for holders of privileged statuses provided by the Skrill VIP program;
  • High level of transaction security. It will be very difficult for a fraudster to do anything with your account, because in order to perform any action, you will be asked for a pin code that only you know. In some cases, there is also an additional check using a 6-digit code sent to your email;
  • The Knect loyalty program allows you to receive additional benefits from using Skrill services;
  • Prevalence among gaming sites. Almost 100% of poker rooms, online casinos and bookmakers allow you to make deposits and cashouts with Skrill.

A payment system founded in 1999 in Canada. Focused on the exchange trading on the Internet and the gambling industry. In 2015, Optimal Payments (owner of NETELLER) bought Skrill and merged both e-wallets under one umbrella. The main advantages of the payment system:

  • If you have a Gold VIP status or higher, the withdrawal fee is not charged;
  • NET+ MasterCard significantly reduces most of the fees;
  • Large coverage of gaming sites;
  • The ability to instantly exchange funds between your NETELLER and Skrill accounts.

Russian payment system, popular in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other post-Soviet countries. The service began its work in 2002. It currently has 46 million users. Typical features of Yandex.Money:

  • Only ruble wallets are allowed, which significantly narrows the possibilities of users;
  • The site interface is quite simple and straightforward even for novice users;
  • A huge number of recharge terminals in the Russian Federation;
  • If there is no activity on your account for a certain time, money may be debited from it;
  • To withdraw funds outside Russia, you will have to use third-party exchangers - you cannot directly withdraw funds to a bank card outside of Russia.

Russian payment system. Most of the clients of the service are residents of Russia, but QIWI also operates in Brazil, Jordan, the USA, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova and Romania. The company started in 2007. Features of QIWI:

  • A huge number of terminals on the territory of the Russian Federation. At the beginning of 2019, you could fund your account at any of 180,000 terminals;
  • High level of integration with Visa. Close cooperation of companies greatly simplifies the movement of money and reduces the cost of commissions and conversions;
  • Loyalty to users is manifested in fewer documents for account verification.

International payment system. Founded in 1998. The number of users of electronic WM wallets exceeded 41 million users by the beginning of 2020. Since 2015, it has been licensed by the FCA, securing its international status. Key facts about WebMoney:

  • Unlike competitors, it is allowed to create several accounts in different currencies. This allows you to reduce the costs of currency conversion and optimize purchases using an electronic wallet;
  • Very low commission rates for transactions;
  • A large number of ways to fund your account.
Visa\MasterCard The world's most popular bank cards. The main advantage is that they are available in almost any country in the world. The main negative aspect of using Visa\MasterCard is that the speed of transactions on the Internet is lower than when using electronic wallets. Therefore, many users prefer to fund their account in the payment system using a bank card, and then use PayPal, Skrill, NETELLER or another e-wallet to shop online.

A relatively new method for making payments at the Internet. It is distinguished by a:

  • high level of confidentiality (it is almost impossible to track transfers);
  • low commission;
  • high transfer speed.

Due to its "youth" it has an undefined status in some countries of the world, which complicates the calculations of cryptocurrency. High rate jumps are also inconvenient. Every year the popularity of cryptocurrencies is increasing and an increasing number of stores accept BitCoin as a means of payment. Some poker networks (Winning Poker Network and Bodog) even reward users with additional bonuses for using cryptocurrencies.

PokerStars For some players, due to circumstances and unwillingness to pay additional commissions, it is more convenient to pay using an internal transfer between PokerStars accounts. Transfers within PS are very simple and intuitive. You only need to know the user's nickname. Carried out through the PokerStars cashier.