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Selling poker software

You will not see just a dry description and "click to buy" on each product page . We give as much information about the product as possible, to make sure player can make a weighted choice. Videos demonstrate all the features of software in action. All frequently asked questions taken from the official websites. Our store gives full info to allow you to make a conclusion about the product.


Coaching websites subscription

What coaching service is the best? What website to subscribe? What is good and useful for me? Our customer support receive such questions every day. Now, on subscription pages you will see videos about the service or training site. Now you can understand, is it worth paying the money for the subscription, and is it best suited for your specific type of poker. Services like Sharkscope or Sharkystrsator also have a full description.




Subscribe to all  major poker rooms, all poker disciplines, any tables and limits. Ready packages from 300 thousand to 5 million hands. Coming Soon! Articles and videos about using datamining software will show you how to idle mine hand history. We also look at security side of the process. Decide for yourself buy ready-to use hand histories or mine them by youself. Also, decide how much hands you need and what coverage you are comfortable with.




What do you know about security? We propose to expand your understanding of this topic. If you care about your peace of mind and safety of your money and data, then you should pay attention to our recommendations. Whats security market offers now?


Who We Are

Our team consists of high-class specialists who are responsible for each of their direction and perform specialized tasks, according to their professional skills. Support for purchases and order processing, technical support for programs on the forum, translation into foreign languages, cooperation with partners, advertising and SEO. We regularly attract specialists in various fields, which will allow us to cope brilliantly with the tasks we face. We constantly collaborate with designers, programmers, translators, developers of promotional materials. If you think that you can be useful to us, ​then please contact us in any way convenient for you indicated on the Contacts page.

Little bit of history

PokerEnergy.ru started working in October 2008. Website has been focused on selling poker software, training sites subscriptions, poker services for the players. At that time, and even now, people have difficulty with payment by systems such as: PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers), Visa, Master Card. So we decided to sell it all for Webmoney. A set of programs and services was not great, but the interest for our website was growing up, so we started to expand the range of software and services. We have expanded the list of soft and services to a decent size and we are not going to stop there.

Our priorities

The customer is always right and deserves the best attention. Our support is trying to respond quickly to your problems. Order processing is carried out as quickly as possible. Assistance in solving the current problems on a software and subscriptions. This is what we try to do efficiently and quickly. We do not have fabulous discounts, because we work honestly and directly with developers and we dont ready to give away software for half price. You will never have any problems with the item purchased from us. We love and encourage loyal customers. And thir number is more than 8500 already. Check out our reward system for regular and new customers.

Sincerely yours, PokerEnergy.net team