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To activate your subscription, we need your Username. Please download Sharkystrator and install it on your computer. Username, you used to register the program, enter in a note to the order. The developer of the program will activate your Username.

Usually it takes 24 hours.

If you consider yourself as SNG grinder, then surely one headache about the game is tournaments registering. You must constantly focus your attention on the schedule in the lobby, buy-ins, make decisions in the game, but it would be nice also to pay attention to weak players. The good news there is cure for this headache, and the name of this cure is SharkyStrator.

SharkyStrator is a poker software, that automatically register you into SNG tournaments on PokerStars, based on pre-selected parameters. And advantages of this software does not ends on this. We will list most important of them.


SharkyStrator Advantages

1. Various filters

Before the program will automatically register you in tournament, you will need to "tell" it what exact tournaments you are interested in. The extensive system of filters includes: the total number of SNG tournaments that you want to play per session, maximum number of tables opened at one time, sessions time duration, type of SNG (heads up, 6 max, 9 max, etc.), the minimum buy -in a maximum buy-in, and the speed of the game.

Also note that SharkyStrator allows you to create multiple filters and program the software so that it will switch automatically register your selection after a certain number of minutes.

2. Filters priority feature

For your convenience, you can create several filters, and then set their priority. Priority can be set by reordering filters in list: first filter in list have highest priority. You can change order of the filters in the program, simply rearranging them with arrows.

3. Audio alarm

SharkyStrator can notify you about new tournament registration with a customizable sound.


So how SharkyStrator works?

Once you have downloaded software and pay for a license  you have to create a filter and set up the number of parameters. Then you need to set up same parameters in the PokerStars lobby.

Then just press the start button, and the scanning will start. You can choose comfortable pace for yourself by setting a registrations interval. Its simple, as you can see.

But of course, questions may appear. It should be noted that Skype support “SharkyStrator” works very well.

In our store you can buy Sharkystrator for Skrill or Neteller.


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