Pokerenergy loyalty program

How to become a member of the program?

Making a purchase in our store for any amount automatically makes you a member of the loyalty program.

What is the essence of the program in a nutshell?

It's simple: when you buy any product at our shop, you get bonus points on your account, the so-called Energy Points. You can use these bonus points for the next purchases without any restrictions and conditions.

What is Energy Points?

Energy point (En) - unit of payment for goods available to regular customers. The rate En is always stable and is 1 En = 1$.

How are bonuses credited?

Points are credited automatically after the full purchase price has been paid and the order status has been changed to “Order Completed”. At the same time, it does not matter what payment system you paid for the goods.

Where can I see how many bonus points accrued for a particular product?

This can be seen on the page with a table of bonus points.

Will it always be charged exactly the number of points that are listed in the table at the moment?

No, we reserve the right to change the change accrual system, but all changes will be immediately displayed in the table of bonus points. In addition, if you use points when paying for a part of the product or its full value, the number of points awarded for the purchase can be reduced by the number of points used for the purchase.

Also, the number of accrued points can be reduced if you bought the program not for its full price, but for a promotion at a discount or using a promotional code.

Are points awarded when ordering "without registration": by email, online chat, Skype?

No. The bonus system works only when placing an order through the website.

Do I need to activate bonus points?

No. Bonus points are credited to your account immediately after the order is completed and you can immediately use them in the next purchase.

How to use bonus points?

Points you can pay part or full purchase price. When ordering, at the cart specify any number of bonuses that you want to spend and then click «Apply». They will be written off immediately after creating the order.

I canceled the order, will the points be returned?

Of course, all points will be returned to your account immediately after order cancellation.

Are there any temporary restrictions on using Energy Points?

Not. The term of the bonus is not limited. En will be canceled only if the account is deleted.

Where can I see how many Energy Points I have now?

At any time you can see the number of Energy Points available for use in your personal account in the “My bonuses and promocodes” tab.

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