About shop and warranty

What is this shop and what you sell?

We sell licenses for poker software, as well as subscriptions to any educational sites and popular resources. We are your guide to the world of poker services, because we provide video reviews, instructions on how to use the programs, help you choose and deal with everything that is offered to poker players.

Where is the guarantee that I will receive the ordered product?

Our site has been operating since 2008. Our webmoney wallet is registered and has a seller certificate since 2008. Type in Google No negative reviews. We are official affiliates of Sharkscope, Pokertableratings, Tiltbreaker, PokerTracker4 and NoteCaddy Edge, TableNinja etc. We guarantee you receive the product, because for us it is just as important as it is for you.

Terms of delivery and order execution. How long to wait for the oreder completing?

We make an effort to get you a purchase as soon as possible. Electronic products are delivered within 24 hours.

Why is my order still not completed?

Make sure that you have entered all the data to fulfill the order. This is what is most often required: login and password from the site, name and surname, program ID. If there is not enough data, we cannot complete the order. Send them immediately or send as soon as possible.

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Why do i need En?

En - this is bonus points that are awarded for the purchased items. Use them on your next purchase and save.

Technical assistance

I have a problem with the program, can you help?

Yes, of course we will help. To do this, go to our forum:

Order statuses

What does "Order accepted" mean?

This means that we saw your order, received payment for it and will execute it as soon as possible.


We will send some licenses ourselves, and the developer will send you some. If we changed the order to this status, it means that we have notified the developer about your order and are only waiting for its sending.

What does "Wait for payment" status mean?

This means that we received your order, but did not receive payment for it. Perhaps you have some difficulties during the payment. Write to our support team and we will definitely decide how to proceed. It happens that you forget about the commission of the payment system and you do not have very little to pay for the item. Write and we will give you a discount on the missing amount.