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What is Sharkscope?

Sharkscope is a service that promptly and accurately tracks all single-table tournaments of the major online poker rooms. The data is stored in a massive database of Sit and Go tournaments, offering access to the leaderboards for each poker room, limit and type of game, where you can compare your results with the best poker players. If you’ve just started playing, don’t take it too personally in case your graphs are not very impressive. To improve your skills, use the software we offer for single-table tournaments. You’ll be very excited to see your graph climbing higher and higher.

Why subscribe to

Subscribing to Sharkscope is a necessary step for anyone who is serious about playing SitnGo tournaments, since it allows researching your rivals while you play. Our services are allowed in all major poker networks. Just enter the tournament number in the search field and you will get full statistics on all its participants. Keep in mind that bluffing against a fish will make them calling your bet. 

How much is the subscription for Sharkscope?

Sharkscope allows 5 free searches per day. Subscribers get from 150 to 1000 daily searches starting from only $16 monthly fee. Log in to your account, read the stats of the player you’re interested in and compare the results with the top players of the leaderboard. Do you want to score the same results? Get the most of single-table tournaments playing high limit games. Don’t miss your chance! Subscribe to Sharkscope now and you will gain advantage over your opponents.

What is Sharkscope HUD?

Sharkscope HUD uses two unique methods to display the information. The first one is an icon system where you can decide for yourself which filters to apply for displaying a particular icon. The second method displays the statistics indicators you are interested in. Whichever method you prefer, you will increase your profit while playing single-table tournaments.

Just knowing that the player raising in early position is a fish will help you figure out their range and reraise with AQs. But finding out a shark will be even more useful with Sharkscope HUD. In that case you’ll know for sure they would need a good hand for such a switch. By using our software you’ll be able to match other players and widen or reduce your own range.

You’ll identify at once the best players at your table marked as sharks, making it easy to figure out who to steal blinds from (as you know, they are quite tight). If such an opponent raises, you’ll be able to fold most of your hands and keep only the winning ones. In this way you can save your chips in a difficult situation.  

Sharkscope HUD doesn’t use much of processing power. If you have a modern PC, you can freely download all the necessary poker software to your computer. For example, a simultaneous download of the following programs didn’t cause any problems: Poker Tracker 4, Holdem Manager 2, Poker Copilot and Sharkscope HUD. Many players conclude that a combination of Poker Tracker statistics and SharkScope HUD icons considerably improves the understanding of opponents’ play.

Every serious SitnGo player should be using this product for its valuable qualities, rather than ignoring it. You can buy Sharkcope here and get a discount for the next order.

This product has 13 price options. Please, choose the one you prefer:
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