New layouts for Partypoker in our store!


In 2019, offers from poker networks and rooms for players getting worse. The most striking example of a consistent deterioration in the situation we can observe on Pokerstars. Trimming the loyalty program and replacing it with Stars Rewards, emphasis on dispersive Spin & Go, banning table select are far from a complete list of negative things for poker players. The decision to limit the number of tables played at the same time to 4 was especially painful for all professional players. It became clear that the reaction would not take long.

Indeed, even the most patient regulars were outraged and started looking for alternatives. But after a few months, we can sadly say that Pokerstars once again made an unpopular decision and did not lose in traffic. If you read the thoughts of players who first resolutely left and then returned, then the main reason can be identified as the imperfection of software clients of other poker rooms and networks. Pokerstars tables and client software are the best in poker industry. Does this mean that players must surrender and dutifully endure the limitation of their capabilities and not react in any way? Not at all - there is a solution!

While the rooms and networks are slowly but surely trying to improve their software, we can improve the convenience of the game at the main competitor of Pokerstars right now! As you might guess, we are talking about layouts for Partypoker. For a small amount, you can change Pokerstars to Partypoker, get tangible rakeback and a decent attitude from the network to your players.

In total, we added 7 new layouts that will make your sessions at Partypoker as comfortable as possible:

  1.  "Theme for Regulars" - a neat theme, designed without unnecessary elements and additions;
  2. Oval Theme” - rounded shapes will help to cope even with the strongest emotions that sometimes cover us;
  3. Lucky Mod” - a layout for Partypoker, increasing the frequency of your coinflip wins by 17.5% (research by British scientists from “Layouts Partypoker University”);
  4. "Create Theme" - a simple but effective theme for playing at the Party;
  5. UltraBlack Theme” - your chance to arrange “Black Friday” for opponents on an ongoing basis;
  6. Comodo Theme” - the most popular layout for Partypoker;
  7. FC Theme” - a successful combination of the two most popular layouts for Pokerstars.

Do not underestimate the importance of a good theme for a profitable game. If you feel yourself  comfortable then each session is a joy. There are no problems with tiny cards, buttons, backgrounds. Everything can be customized and create a unique solution.

If you buy a theme for Partypoker, you can use it until the end of your successful poker career. Even in terms of a year, comfort will cost for you only about 5 cents per day. A ridiculous price, especially considering the presence of a good rakeback and loyalty program at Partypoker.

Developers regularly monitor Partypoker client updates and quickly make changes to themes. You will never find yourself in a situation where the layout you bought the day before yesterday stopped working due to a software update, and the creator simply keeps silent or shrugs his hands.