Partypoker software has become even more convenient: December updates

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In recent years, Partypoker has been sincerely trying to regain its lost place and push Pokerstars from the position of the undisputed industry leader. In terms of promotions, Partypoker even pulled ahead. The loyalty program also surpasses competitors from Pokerstars. The rakeback system is reminiscent of the glorious times of poker: returning rake can be a decent part of your profit. But decision to cancel the hand history on Partypoker was really bad. Things are not so optimistic with Partypoker client software. According to the poker community, it does not meet modern requirements. Surveys on Twitter by Rob Young eloquently say the same thing - users give out 2-3 points out of 10 possible to PP software.

Due to a significant lag in the software level, the development of improvements has been put on stream. Major updates appear monthly. In recent months, the most significant new feature was the ability to download hand history from Partypoker in the “My Games” tab. Earlier, the “My Games” section appeared, poker with a short deck, the ability to transfer money to the big blinds. The developers did not stint on useful tools in December.

Run it Twice is now available on Partypoker

The main novelty was the appearance of the Run It Twice feature. Its essence is simple - if it is turned on by both opponents during the game, then when playing All-In (on any of the streets), not one board is laid out, but two. This entails a reduction of dispersion for players. True, a similar feature was added at Pokerstars back in 2013. Better late than never. The main thing is not to copy the Stars Reward loyalty program!

Part of the lobby of the Partypoker client has changed. Now, the Fast Forward tab of the local fast poker has become more rounded. Something like the lobby of the Spin & Go tournaments at Pokerstars. Jaime Staples in a video presentation claims that the convenience of the game has increased dramatically.

Plans for HU Cash

The immediate plans of Partypoker developers to make the situation in HU Cash more comfortable for recreational players. It is planned that players can’t open more than one table until the moment the opponent sits down on them. After starting HU, you will be allowed to open another table. Now often in the lobby of the Partypoker client you can watch how one player sits at all limit tables and waits for opponents. The novelty will give a chance to weak players to avoid a situation of no alternative game with the same opponent. Separately, there will be the opportunity to open several more tables at the request of both HU members.

Partypoker's Tournaments became more convenient

The last significant update was the tournament indicator.

It contains the following information:

  • Your position in the tournament;
  • How many people are left before getting into the prizes;
  • How many bounties you have accumulated.

If you have won prizes, then the information plate changes its color to green.
I wish the history of hands was returned in Partypoker and everything would have become very good.

As a reminder, you can buy the PartyCaption support program at the Poker Energy store. It allows you to increase efficiency and comfort when playing at multiple tables. Transferring stacks to the big blinds, predefined bet-sizing, automatic placement of tables on your monitor, “hot keys”. Before NL10, it is completely free on an ongoing basis!

We recommend that you pay attention to the list of layouts for Partypoker. They will make your sessions even more convenient!

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