What should I do if Holdem Manager 3 does not work on 888Poker?

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The transition to new software always causes easy discomfort for any person. This is especially true for poker players who, without problems with the settings of poker software, have enough irritants during the game. We will try to make life easier for all regulars and describe the specifics of correctly setting up Holdem Manager 3 for 888Poker.

Set up 888 Poker to work with Holdem Manager 3

888 Poker writes hand histories to your hard drive. Holdem Manager 3 should automatically import hands to display the HUD (Heads-Up Display). After we successfully set up the Auto Import feature in Holdem Manager 3, you can customize your favorite seat at the table. Notes:

  • In 2019, the transition to new software took place at 888poker. The hand history in the new software is in C:\ Users\{User Name}\Documents\888poker\HandHistory. A new poker client automatically places you in the center at the table. You must configure this to match in HM3 - Options - Site Setup - Pacific - Preferred Seating. This is one of the most common problems due to which HUD Holdem Manager 3 does not work on 888Poker or does not work correctly.
  • In Snap Poker, displaying statistics at tables is prohibited by 888Poker.
  • After the Nevada and Delaware have been united, the opportunity to import hand histories has disappeared. This is due to Nevada's gambling law, which equates the use of HUD with cheating. For the sake of pooling the pools of these two states, users had to be denied access to hand histories. 888Poker no longer writes hand histories to your hard drive when playing in American versions of its application.

Where can I find the 888Poker hand history folder?

By default, hand history is located: C:\Users\YOUR_PC_NAME\Documents\888poker\HandHistory.
An example of a hand history location: C:\Users\bmoney\Documents\888poker\HandHistory.
Caution: do not copy the hand history folders above; they are not the exact locations of the hand history files.

1. Open the client of 888Poker;
2. Click Settings> Game Settings.
3. Verify that the Keep My Hand History In check box is selected. Copy this path to the folder to the clipboard, we will use it when setting up Holdem Manager 3.

If you made any changes to the 888Poker Hand History Options:

  • Click OK to save the changes.
  • Play a pair of hands before continuing.

Preffered seating 888Poker

Favorite place allows you to display your HUD next to the desired player. If you have problems aligning the HUD, then it’s often a matter of setting the “Preferred Seating” function.
After the launch of the new version of the client, 888Poker places the player at the table in the bottom center. When setting up Holdem Manager 3 Preferred Seating for 888 Poker, use the Auto Center option.

We have listed the main problems with the settings due to which Holdem Manager 3 does not work on 888Poker. Naturally, there are more reasons for the malfunctioning of poker software. If you have configured everything exactly as described above, we recommend that you check if you have the latest version of the poker room client installed. Also pay attention to whether you are using a third-party layout. In some cases, the cause of the problems lies precisely in it.

If you have not yet decided on the appropriateness of purchasing Holdem Manager 3, we recommend that you try it for free. Trial Holdem Manager 3 can be downloaded for free from the official website of the developer.

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