Partypoker unpacked a pack of bangles for crooks


Several impressive tournament streams kicked off yesterday at Pokerstars, Partypoker, 888Poker and GGNetwork. While all the attention of the poker community is focused on record winnings and offensive crashes, Partypoker security continues to maintain order in cash games, moving towards maximum fairness and transparency for all poker lovers.

Partypoker punished 94 foes in April

The latest news from the sweet world of bans and account seizures was information about 277 individuals who irreparably tarnished their reputation and were sent on indefinite leave by the Partypoker security service. Along the way, they returned more than $ 750,000 to the victims and, responding to the thanksgiving speeches with the laconic "This is our job!", Rode off into the sunset. The decline of online poker scammers and bots!
In April, the number of violators caught in the hot hand of righteous anger decreased markedly: “only” 94 accounts were banned. If you pay attention to the total number of party players pool

it is easy to determine that approximately every 12 players at the poker room table were artificial intelligence. The hypothetical, but perfectly acceptable assumption that some of the fraudsters are still safe and sound, makes these statistics even worse. This time, the result of the cleaning of the "Augean stables" Party was the return of $ 170,000 to the injured players. Representatives of Europool Partypoker accounted for a significant part of the total amount of the account fined. The management of the room has already officially announced that such reports will become regular and will be published monthly. Well, the active fight against artificial intelligence and scammers is good news. Let's hope for an increase in the qualifications of the security service and technical departments of the Party, because, in light of the complete ban on the use of poker programs for collecting and analyzing statistics, one cannot count on help from ordinary poker players.

Adequate oversight by Partypoker's decision makers gives some hope for a normal poker future. It's no secret that bot bots and artificial intelligence are one of the biggest threats to online poker. Due to the paucity of information that we can get when playing poker using the Internet, this problem is very acute for the management of all poker rooms and networks. Reasonable suspicions gradually develop paranoia, both among recreational players and among regulars. Nobody likes to feel deceived and the logical result for the former is the refusal to play poker, and for the latter it is a signal to download another poker client and to immediately change the gaming site. In both cases, the poker room is in a losing position.

While the abandonment of the poker tracking software has hurt many poker regulars and caused many of them to leave, the efforts to fight cheating deserve respect. If Partypoker really manages to get rid of unfair play within its pool, then such an image will inevitably attract new players and return many who have left. Another thing is that not everyone knows how to play balanced poker even in 2019.

If you want to fill this gap and become a competitive warrior in an increasing number of poker rooms that have abandoned the use of programs that collect statistics and display HUD at the table, then you will certainly need a good tool for pumping skill. The universal solution to the problem will be GTO +, which has the most elegant and intuitive interface among competing GTO calculators.

Another important decision on the way to conquering the peaks of Partypoker is PartyCaption, which makes the multi-tabling process extremely simple and saves you precious time on making positive decisions.

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