Ladbrokes Poker has become part of the Partypoker Network

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Partypoker continues to turn into a real poker network: first just Partypoker, after acquiring Bwin - Party.Bwin, Coral Poker was added a few months ago, and now it's time for Ladbrokes Poker. We express our timid hope that the official name of the network will not look like "Party.Bwin.Coral.Ladbrokes". We will tell you more about the conditions for the transition of the latter.

First Coral Poker, then Ladbrokes

GVC Holdings, the owner of Party.Bwin, acquired the Ladbrokes Coral Group back in 2016. The key goal during the purchase was the sport battings and the consolidation of the size of the main company. The poker division represented by Ladbrokes and Coral Poker was assigned a secondary role. Not least because of current deals with iPoker Network and affiliates. These agreements did not allow the poker rooms to be quickly connected to the Party.Bwin network.

The process of an active transition of rooms began in the last quarter of 2019. It was then that Coral Poker officially announced the transition to the Partypoker network. At first it was announced that from the moment the information was published until the very departure from the iPoker Network, users have only a week to ward off bonuses and withdraw funds from their accounts. But then the deadlines were postponed and the final transition took place only after a couple of months. After the transition, Coral Poker announced the move and Ladbrokes Poker. It was going to be transferred to a new platform before the end of June 2020. They did this even faster!

What are benefits of transition Ladbrokes Poker to Partypoker?

The main benefit of joining Coral and Ladbrokes for Partypoker is an increase in the number of players from the UK, as well as Brazil and African countries. Another important argument is that it is not worth the asset of one poker network to be an integral part of another. At the moment, Partypoker takes 5th place in terms of traffic, and iPoker Network - 10th.

Leaving major poker rooms from the network will further widen the gap between competitors. iPoker Network’s plan to offset Coral and Ladbrokes’s departure with Red Star Poker and other Microgaming poker rooms seems curious, but it’s not known how much they will manage to increase the size of the total pool. We'll find out soon - Red Star Poker, Nordicbet, Betsson will be part of iPoker on May 18th.

What are the bonuses for new players?

Partypoker's newbie bonus program wasn’t generosity before: several Spins tickets with a total equivalent of $ 10-30. Not at all like a first deposit bonus of 200% or other really pleasant conditions for changing a poker room. Ladbrokes Poker promotions aren’t amazing either:

  • The already mentioned Spins tickets with a deposit of GBP 20 or more;
  • Cashback in the amount of 10-40% depending on the volume of your game and limits;
  • Tickets for freerolls.

No iPoker Tools - just PartyCaption!

Another consequence of Coral and Ladbrokes Poker joining Partypoker will be the futility of the iPoker Tools. The platform is different, and, therefore, other software is also needed. The equivalent of iPoker Tools for Partypoker is PartyCaption. It is free up to and including NL10 with no time limit (for tournaments - up to $ 3). PartyCaption is available for free through PokerEnergy promotions. We give it as a gift for the purchase of the following programs:

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