Red King is dead - RedKings refuses poker direction

Financial reports

The flagship of Microgaming Poker Network, RedKings, has announced the closure of its poker and bookmaking business.

The event is quite unusual, because it was RedKings that was rightfully the hallmark of the entire Microgaming network and the lion's share of the poker pool was made up of the Red Kings players. No longer a poker room decided to focus on the development of online casinos.

Final terms and technical points

The poker client will end on April 28th. Bets will no longer be available from April 24th. This draws a line under RedKings' nearly 13 years of activity in the online poker market. During this time, RedKings managed to migrate from the late Ongame poker network to the Microgaming Poker Network, where he took a leading position among all the poker rooms in the network.

RedKings players are advised to withdraw their funds by April 28th. However, the pass does not threaten them - the funds will simply be transferred to the casino account and from there they can be withdrawn. Moreover, the cashout from the Microgaming network always took place in two stages - first we transfer the bankroll from the poker account to the casino account and from there we issue the usual cashout. Nothing new.

A bad omen or a private decision of a separate room?

Recent years have taught the average poker player to negative trends. The constant truncation of loyalty programs, bans of auxiliary poker software, a shift in focus from poker to bookmakers and online casinos, priority for recreational players and all sorts of restrictions of regulars - all this makes poker players extremely scrupulous and suspicious of closing even small rooms.

According to the assurances of representatives of the RedKings poker room, the decision to terminate the poker operation has nothing to do with problems within the MPN network. Moreover, although Microgaming poker rooms are combined into one pool, in fact, they are isolated from each other and belong to different owners. On the other hand, the closure of the best representative of the network according to the conditions for players cannot but affect the total volume of the already not very significant traffic.

Being below Unibet poker, which left the general pool of Microgaming several years ago and already has more traffic, says a lot. We can only hope for the best, but expect the worst.

Even minor competition from second-tier poker rooms against large rooms allows online poker to move forward and invent non-standard solutions to attract interest in the game (the invention of changing nicknames and anonymous tables belongs to the Microgaming poker network). I don't want to end up in the online poker world, where there are only Pokerstars, partypoker and myriad of dubious Chinese applications for semi-legal games.

If you've decided to move from Red Kings to Pokerstars, don't forget to bring along the excellent TableScan Turbo select software, which will give you a lot of advantages over other regulars when choosing the best tables. And even the latest changes in Pokerstars' select policy have not affected TableScan as much as other programs of this kind.