1. Download Flopzilla here.
  2. Install Flopzilla on your computer.
  3. Please, include your Flopzilla ID in the order comment (go to Register in the program menu).

You will get 1 license for 2 PCs. After your order has been placed, the license key will be sent to your email during 24 hours. The trial period is 7 days. You can buy Flopzilla for Skrill (moneybookers).

What is Flopzilla about

It analizes the flop and the range of starting hands in detail.

Flopzilla is designed to calculate and display the combinations which could be obtained on the flop with a selected pre-flop range or with a certain hand (on the turn and river with a selected pre-flop range, and specification of cards on the board).

We consider this software package is mostly appropriate for heads-up players, because they could evaluate in a better way not only their own ranges, but also the ranges of their opponents.

This program will help players improve their understanding of hand range and will teach them to evaluate in a proper way the opponent's strength on the flop. The user can indicate the range of starting hands and the cards on the flop, and then all possible ways to hit the flop will be displayed.

Flopzilla has a very simple and colorful interface.  You can detect the folded cards, generate a random flop, easily customize the displayed statistics, export it to Excel, and much more.

Analyze your hands with Flopzilla and you will see how your level of post-flop play is increasing. Find out how often the fish, playing 42% of all starting hands, hits the flop with an ace and gets a top pair (25% probability) or misses the flop (50% probability), etc.


This tool will help beginners (of average level) develop their ability to understand and imagine how the percentage composition of their (or their opponent’s) preflop range (or certain hands) will improve on the board. Based on such knowledge players will be able to advisedly choose their preflop range in various game positions (loose, tight, etc.).

How can i pay for Flopzilla?

You can buy Flopzilla with Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, WebMoney and other payment systems from us, try Flopzilla for free and get a discount on the next purchase.

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