Simple GTO Trainer

Simple GTO Trainer

A convenient combination of GTO Solver and program-trainer - Simple GTO Trainer. With this program you will quickly build a solid foundation for your GTO-strategy.
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Simple GTO Trainer is a poker software that combines the best of the GTO calculator and simulator software for analyzing specific scenarios. Simple GTO Trainer is a more advanced version of one of the best tools among GTO calculators - Simple Postflop.

Simple GTO Trainer allows you to analyze your chosen situation in real time, saving you time and energy for productive work. Together with the built-in, purchased or created by you scripts, the work in the GTO Trainer will quickly make you an expert in the GTO strategy.

On the official website of the developer Simple GTO Trainer you can download a version that allows you to perform mathematical calculations for the turn and river absolutely free of charge and without restrictions on the terms of operation.

Simple GTO Trainer features 

• A large number of training spots, allowing you to systematically improve your actions for each of the common situations;
• You can create your own exercises for training GTO-strategy and exploit;
• Following the results of the analysis of each specific scenario, the program provides a detailed analysis (game ranges, EV of each action);
• Each decision is displayed in real time - you can examine your mistake immediately and make useful adjustments;
• Simple and intuitive interface, designed in the form of tables and graphs;
• Simple GTO Trainer keeps track your progress throughout the program. You will be able to visually see the growth of your skills.

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To work on the game offline

What is a GTO?

GTO - Game Theory Optimal. Any situation in poker can have many variants of draws. Even within the same street. There is no clear right or wrong decision with so many possible actions. The whole essence of the GTO strategy comes down to the fact that the decisions of your opponent do not matter in the long run.

GTO implies that you will maintain an optimal balance between aggression, bluffs, checks, and calls, so that the best result against you can be zero. That is, with a perfect game from your opponent, he will, at best, play 0 against you in the long run. You can balance between positive EV and tricky use of your playing range against regulars, making your game invulnerable for exploitation.

Does the Simple GTO Trainer have a trial version?

Yes, on the official website of the developer Simple GTO Trainer you can download a version that allows you to perform mathematical calculations for the turn and river absolutely free of charge and without restrictions on the terms of operation.

Integration with other programs

Simple GTO Trainer is able to interact with Simple Postflop and PioSolver Engine. This allows you to speed up the counting of decisions for the turn and the river, to create your own solutions for individual spots. You can also develop your own training scripts.

Differences between versions

Versions of Pro 3-months, Pro 6-months, Pro 12-months differ only in the license validity period (3 months, 6 months, 12 months, respectively). The license is issued for 1 computer, as a gift is access to the "Core GTO Pack". With Simple Postflop, you can create your own workouts.

Available packs

Separately, you can get specialized cloud training packs:

  • Core GTO Pack - 1 year license, 25,000 post-flop GTO solutions;
  • Ultimate MTT Pack - 1 year license, 43,000 post-flop GTO solutions;
  • 3-Bet Cash Pack - license for 1 year, 17,500 GTO postflop decisions;
  • Spin & Go Pack - license for 1 year, 2,000+ GTO postflop solutions;
  • HU Cash Pack - license for 1 year, 4,800+ post-flop GTO solutions;
  • GTO MTT Pack - 1 year license, 56,000 post-flop GTO solutions;
  • Cash SRP Pack - 1 year license, 21,000 GTO postflop solutions;
  • SBvsBB Cash Pack - 1 year license, 2000 GTO postflop solutions.

You do not need to purchase a PRO license for the full use of any of the packs!

System requirements for efficient operation of the Simple GTO Trainer

• Processor - Intel Core i7;
• RAM - at least 8 GB;
• Screen resolution - more than 900 pixels in height;
• Operating system - Windows 64bit XP and later;
• Advanced - Internet access for activation;
• Cloud version - Internet, Windows 64bit XP and later.

How can I pay for Simple GTO Trainer?

You can pay Simple GTO Trainer for WebMoney, Skrill, Qiwi, Neteller, Yandex Money, PayPal, Visa/Master Card, other payment systems, try Simple GTO Trainer for free and get a discount on your next purchase, as well as participate in the discussion on our forum.

Manual Simple GTO Trainer
How to construct training scenarios in Simple GTO Trainer

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It is a great idea to create a poker program for GTO training in the form of a trainner. I tried Simple Postflop and almost immediately deleted it, too complicated software for perception. Especially for the untrained player. But the scripts in the Simple GTO trainer went with a bang! And the interface is much more friendly and understandable. Cool mode with training situations against a bot from regular training


Unlike other programs of this developer, the GTO trainer looks like a more convenient and understandable option for learning a balanced strategy. First, I downloaded a trial version of the simple postflop. Installed. Horrified. Deleted. It was too difficult there for a beginner. But in the Simple GTO, the coach is arranged differently: instead of complex calculations - training at the gaming table. The program is also designed an order of magnitude prettier than its counterparts. Within a few weeks, I made significant progress in my understanding of balance. Bluffs have become more frequent, and they have become more willing to pay for the nuts. Hope this is not a upswing.


Top trainer for its money! Unlike the usual Simple Postflop in a GTO trainer, work on your game is structured systematically and it's easier to figure out what's what. For a player who is just starting to move from a strong ABC poker to a balanced strategy, software is just a treasure.