Emoji, Throws animation and other updates at Partypoker

Partypoker, Update software rooms

Few days before, we talked about the introduction of a new type of Spins  that called “Ultra”. However, other new features have been added to the Partypoker client, which we will talk about.

Emoji and Throws Animations

In recent months, Partypoker has been focusing on the development of its new mobile client. So emoji appeared there earlier than in desktop software. But now this inequality has been overcome. The so-called "Gamification" of poker is growing. Throwing an opponent with a tomato, a bottle of champagne or a rotten egg is now all available.

Throws are awarded per game for real money. We hope that Partypoker will not go any further and will not begin to pay rakeback in emoji.

Fast Forward Buy-Ins changes

Recall that Fast Forward are fast poker tables at Party. After updating the client’s lobby, players have the opportunity to sit at a table with a 50bb stack. Before that, you could play the local analogue of zoom exclusively with a full stack (100bb).

It is curious that in the previous few years it was possible to observe a reverse trend with a ban on any other buy-ins, except 100bb. This was explained by the discontent of players from opponents playing short and medium stacks strategy. Yes, and rake when you go All-In higher in big stakes. And now turn in the opposite direction. Who know, maybe soon it will be possible to blow off dust from your SSS charts.

PartyCaption is an easy way to win more at Party.

For more than a year now, you cannot use poker trackers at Partypoker. Not many programs are still approved. The most useful of them, without a doubt, remains PartyCaption. Proper use of this auxiliary poker program can greatly facilitate your multi-tabling and increase concentration. Together with a fairly good rakeback, you can significantly increase the profit from the game. The best part about PartyCaption:

  • The program is free on an ongoing basis for NL10 and below (in tournaments for $ 3 and below, too);
  • PartyCaption can be obtained for free with our promotion. For example, for purchasing a subscription to Hand2Note Edge or the full version of Holdem Manager 3.
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