Large-scale update of Winning Poker: setting up the lobby, staking through the client and own Sunday Million

Winning Poker Network, Update software rooms

The Winning Poker Network has come a long way over the past 2 years: from the 63rd place in PokerScout in terms of traffic due to a buggy new client to the super successful $ 10,000,000 Venom. It seems that PokerKing, Black Chip Poker, Americas Cardroom intend to break into the top 5 online, and even press PokerStars with GGPoker. The ability to customize a lobby, buy MTT shares through a client, and establish a millionaire tournament are worthy steps towards dominance.

Setting up the lobby

After the transition to a new platform in the rooms of the Winning network, many options were added to customize the design of the tables and the client for themselves. And the number of settings is growing: now the "Settings" tab has a "Tournament Lobby" tab. In it you can change the color scheme of the “Registering”, “Late Registration”, “Running”, “Finished” statuses. Due to this, it will be easier and faster to navigate the tournament tab.

So far there are only 6 fonts to choose from

The tab responsible for the entire lobby has also been improved. Here you can increase the size of the line with the name of the tournament and change the fonts. Both improvements will also speed up navigation.

Changing the size of bets

WPN programmers also worked with betting profiles. Enabling the "Use Big Blinds" button makes it possible to change the bet sizing in the raised pots preflop. Hypothetically, this makes it easier to size 3-bets and 4-bets, but in practice you can do:

  • minimum reraise;
  • reraise by 3 BB;
  • reraise by 4 big blinds;
  • reraise by 5 BB;
  • push.

Soon all the tools from WPN Tools Lite will be transferred to the PokerKing client

Answering a raise to 3 blinds with a 3-bet to 6 is a bad strategy, so you will have to manually drive the sizing further. It is possible that in the future they will add an option where the raise will be tied not to the big blinds, but to the percentage of the pot or the opponent's bet.

Buying shares in MTT

Buy a share of the potential winnings from the Venom can now be bought in the room client. While the function is being tested. It is easy to find it - the yellow "Staking" button in the lower right corner of the lobby. In the new window, you will see:

  • a list of tournaments for which players are selling shares;
  • the players whose shares you purchased;
  • MTT, where you yourself sell shares;
  • a list of favorite players. This includes those poker players whose shares you bought most often.

Looking forward for staking in cash and Spin & Go?

Tournaments are manually entered during the beta by Winning Poker staff.

How to buy a share?

Staking through the client is implemented as follows:

1. Go to the "Staking" tab.

2. Select a tournament. In our example, this is a $ 5,000 MTT with a $ 16.5 buy-in.

3. A list of players selling shares will appear on the right side of the window. Nicknames of poker players whose shares have not been redeemed are highlighted in white. Let's choose "lukopti".

Staking is an incentive to stick to a schedule

4. Immediately below the list there is a share calculator. The share can be entered manually, or you can use the arrows. Let's buy 20%.

Making a purchase in the system takes up to 5 minutes. Remember that you cannot return money for the redeemed share. The only exception is the player who sold the stake canceled the tournament registration. Then the money will be returned to you automatically.

How to sell a stake?

Selling a stake is even easier:

1. Register for the tournament;

2. In the lower right part of the client, click on the "Sell Action" button.

3. Specify the share to sell and the number of entries to the tournament.

More than 90% cannot be put up for sale. When you set a coefficient of 1.5 and higher, backers get access to your real name. The sale closes 5 minutes before the MTT starts.

Getting a million

Winning Poker Network is launching a weekly $ 1,000,000 guaranteed tournament. Million Dollar Sundays costs $ 215.

WPN is being cautious for now, deciding to spend the first day all week until Sunday

Other facts about MTT:

  • the tournament is split over several playing days. Day 1 is spent all week, day 2 is Sunday;
  • In a week, players will have 27 chances to get into the second day;
  • satellites to the flagship tournament start at $ 2.

Let's hope that the millionaire will settle down on WPN and compete with PokerStars and GGPoker.

Receiving poker software for free

For registration in partner rooms, PokerEnergy gives players free poker software. Play actively and save on solvers, trackers and other products of our store.

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