Winning poker network crash and WPN Tools return


Traffic problems

Just over a month ago, a grand update of the software at the Winning Poker Network took place. Regular players traditionally became the first victims of innovations - the ability to use auxiliary poker programs has predictably disappeared. Neither the trackers nor WPN Tools Lite worked after the update. By the way, Holdem Manager 3 developers responded faster than the others - in just a couple of days he was able to interact with the new client of the Winning network. Anyone who buys Hold'em Mananger 2 will get Hold'em manager 3 absolutely free. A kind of reaction to the problems with the introduction of the new platform into operation was the fall in the number of users in the poker network. And the fall was epic - at some point Winning settled in 63 out of 70, according to Pokerscout statistics. Bots turned off and went to rewrite for new realities - detractors could say. But now most of the problems are behind, as evidenced by the return of the Winning Poker Network in the top 10 rankings:

WPN Tools Lite back in service!

After a radical transition to the new software, all poker programs have ceased to at least somehow interact with the client of the WPN poker rooms. WPN Tools Lite is no exception. The PokerEnergy team quickly responded to the changes and temporarily removed the program from our store. But now WPN Tools supports the new Winning network client and we solemnly announce this. Now it's even better - support for Blitz poker has been added to the poker software (fast poker).

What other unbeatable benefits does WPN Tools Lite give you?

  •  Allows you to automate the size of bets for any situation preflop and postflop;
  • Translates stacks into big blinds;   
  • Displays special with the information you selected;    
  • Places the windows of the tables on your screen as convenient as possible;    
  • Assigns hotkeys and mouse buttons.    

Get WPN Tools Lite right now and you'll be one step ahead of less agile opponents!