100% up to 2,000$
up to 65%

PokerKing is one of the most popular poker rooms in the Winning Poker Network. Unique to WPN, US players are still allowed to register here. But besides being open to American players, the poker room has something to attract attention:

  • The Beast is a progressive jackpot rake race for cash players. Allows you to reach fantastic extra rakeback.
  • There are major tournament series with tens of millions of dollars in prize money. No other poker network of comparable size offers such guarantees.
  • A good first deposit bonus, which becomes incredible when using cryptocurrencies.

At PokerKing, as in all other poker rooms of the Winning Poker Network, it is allowed to use poker trackers and WPN Tools Lite.

Key Features
  • high rakeback;
  • unprecedented high first deposit bonus;
  • poker software allowed;
  • US players;
  • tournaments with large prizes.

PokerKing is a poker room owned by the Winning Poker Network (WPN). A distinctive feature of this network is that you can play in it with playesrs from the United States. There are also a lot of players from Europe, as PokerKing is one of the few skins where there are practically no restrictions on registration of players. In general, the room is not famous for its sanctions or persecution of regulars, which is why there are relatively many of them here.

Player traffic at PokerKing

The main game is going to PokerKing closer to the night and until the morning CET time. Just during this period there is an active time in America and local players gather at the tables in considerable numbers.

The main type of poker is, of course, No Limit Holdem, however, PLO also almost always has a game at any limit.

In general, according to limits, the situation looks like this (data for NL Holdem 6-max):

Stakes Number of tables
NL10 6-7
NL25 10-11
NL50 7-8
Nl100 4-5
NL200 4-6
NL400 4-5
NL600 3-4
NL1000 2-3
NL3000, NL5000 1-2


At full-ring (9-max) tables, the situation is much more sad, generally the number of tables at each limit does not exceed two or three.


Fast poker at Poker King is called Blitz Poker. There are also people to play here, no-limit hold'em is actively played up to NL200:

Tournaments at PokerKing

There are enough tournaments at Poker King to ask the price for any wallet. The usual MTT, Sit-n-Go, Spin-n-Go (which are called Jackpots at Poker King) are all there. The main tournaments are held on Sunday, which is expected, but on weekdays there is someone to play with.

In general, Poker King even has a special tournament schedule for each day of the week:

Jackpot tournaments (an analogue of Spin-N-Go at Pokerstars) have two types of tournaments of this format:

  • special tournaments with buy-ins of $5, $15 and $50, in which you can win $ 1,000,000
  • regular tournaments with buy-ins of 2$ ,$10, $25 and $40. The maximum winnings in tournaments of this type are $100,000.

There are also Jackpot PLO tournaments. There are only two buy-ins: $2 or $10. The maximum prize is $25,000.

Poker King rake system

Rake at Poker King works on a “no flop - no drop” system. That is, if the players did not get to see the flop, the rake is not taken from the players, whatever the amount of the pot.

It is very easy to describe rake in cash games at Poker King in just two phrases:

  • in no-limit and pot-limit types of poker, rake is 5% regardless of the limit;
  • in limit poker the rake varies from 1% to 4.5% depending on the limit.

There is, of course, a rake cap. It usually depends on the limit and the number of players in the pot. The table below shows the maximum absolute value of the game commission charged:

Лимит Рейк "Кепка" рейка при количестве игроков
2игрока 3 игрока 4 игрока 5-9 игроков
до NL200 вкючительно $0.01 за каждые  $0.20 в банке $0.50 $1.00 $2.00 $3.00
от NL400 до NL800 $0.05 за каждые $1 в банке $1.00 $1.50 $2.00 $3.00
NL1000 и выше $0.25 за каждые $5 в банке $1.25 $1.75 $2.25 $3.00


How does the Poker King client work and is auxiliary software allowed?

It should be said right away that Poker King does not have a mobile client, so you can only play from a client for Windows or MacOS.

The Poker King lobby is quite convenient and informative. Sorting of the required tables is done literally in two or three clicks. There are three rows of quick filters in which the following parameters are selected in order:

  • discipline - cash / tournaments / casino / bets;
  • type of game / tournament;
  • stakes / buy-in level.

There are also advanced filters for each discipline. For example, this is how the advanced filter for cash games looks like:

As for the settings of the client itself and game options, in Poker King the Settings option is structured into 5 submenus:

  • General - general settings.
  • Themes - settings for displaying the game table and cards.
  • Sounds - sound settings.
  • Buy in / Top Up - buy-in / auto-buy options in cash games​.
  • Preferred Seat - favorite seat settings.

As for the use of auxiliary software in general, such programs as Holdem Manager 3, Poker Tracker 4, Hand2Note and other trackers are allowed on Poker King.

Poker King promotions and bonuses

Poker King offers a wide variety of promotions, both temporary and permanent. Let's list the main ones:

1. First deposit bonus - 100% bonus for deposits up to $2000. When using cryptocurrency for a deposit, the bonus increases to 200%!

2. Cub3d X - this intricate cipher hides a regular major series of tournaments with a total prize pool of $15,000,000.

3. Reload Bonus - Poker King regularly offers reload bonuses, usually in conjunction with the starting tournament series. For example, during the above Cub3d X series, you can get a reload bonus by making a deposit from $25 to $100 with the code OSS100 and get a bonus of 50% of the amount. When depositing with cryptocurrency, the bonus will be 100% of the amount.

4. Frerolls - Poker King hosts a large number of freerolls 24/7, which means you can enter the lobby at any time and try your hand at a real money tournament for free.

5. Sit and Crush - this is essentially a regular rake race for all Sit and Go fans. At the same time, there is an opportunity to disrupt the Jackpot, from each tournament entry part of the funds goes to its filling. The results of the race are knocked out at the end of each week. Top place players receive thousands of dollars and tournament tickets. All Sit and Go tournaments (except HU tournaments) and all on Demand tournaments participate in the race.

6. The Beast - is a rake race for cash players. There are no longer any deductions to the Jackpot from each bank, only rake in the race. Prizes and timing are the same as in Sit and Crush. Sit and Crush and The Beast prize pools are independent of each other, so there is enough money for all conscientious grinders.

7. Million Dollar Sundays. WPN has its own Sunday Million since October 2021. Every Sunday there is a $ 1,000,000 guaranteed tournament. Direct buy-in costs $ 215. Two-day event.

Poker King loyalty program

The Poker King VIP program is called the Royal Club. So, what is the essence of the program. Rakeback is obtained by exchanging so-called Royalty Points (RP) for cash.

Where do these RPs come from? By playing at the tables and paying rake, you earn 5.5 SP Status Points (SP) for every $ 1 in rake. As the number of SP earned per month increases, your VIP status rises, which in turn increases the number of RP received for each SP earned. Below is a table in which the coefficients of receiving RP are displayed depending on the current VIP status.

In order to maintain the status received in the previous month, you need to fill in half the SP than was originally required.

There are also awards for the received S in total during the year. In total, you can receive a maximum of $ 1200 per year with these awards. To do this, you need to collect 100,000 RP in a year. This is approximately equal to $ 18400 rake, which, you see, is quite a feasible task for an average regular from NL10-NL25.

Deposits and Cashouts

Poker King offers a fairly standard set of deposit methods:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Ecopayz
  • Visa
  • MasterCard

The minimum deposit at Poker King is $ 5. The maximum is $ 4000, using cryptocurrency. For all other deposit methods, the maximum does not exceed $ 1000.

The following methods are available for cashout:

  • Bitcoin (maximum amount $ 10,000)
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Ecopayz
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Check
  • Money Gram

Deposits at Poker King are carried out instantly, cashouts within a day after the application for payment is made.

Conclusions. Pros and cons.

Pros of Poker King:

  • wide geography of countries from which it is allowed to play;
  • cryptocurrencies are accepted, both for deposit and for cashout;
  • the chance to play with American players;
  • tournaments with large prize money are held;
  • original poker formats;
  • rakeback can reach 65% poker software allowed.

Cons of PokerKing:

  • not enough Full Ring tables;
  • poor settings for multitabling;
  • inconvenient peak times for players from Eastern Europe.

Special offers:

Free software for our players

All players who have registered at PokerKing via our link are eligible to receive any software from our store for free. Contact us for more details.

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What is the bonus code to receive your first deposit bonus at PokerKing?
Make your first deposit of $25 or more. You do not need to enter a bonus code. The bonus must be wagered within 60 days. For every 27.5 Status Points you are awarded $1.
What is PokerKing technical support email address?
PokerKing Support Email:
Is it allowed to use software (Holdem Manager 2-3, Poker Tracker 4, Hand2Note, etc.) on PokerKing ?
The use of poker trackers at PokerKing is not prohibited.
Players from which countries can play PokerKing ?
PokerKing currently restricts play only from the following jurisdictions: residents of the United States and United States Territories, Spain and Spanish Territories, Belgium, France and French Territories, Netherlands and Netherland Territories, Dutch West Indies and Curacao, Italy, Greece, Israel, Bulgaria, Portugal, Sweden and Australia are not permitted to make deposits into their accounts or engage in real-money play. Residents of other nations are not permitted to engage in real-money play while located in the United States and United States Territories, Spain and Spanish Territories, Belgium, France and French Territories, Netherlands and Netherland Territories, Dutch West Indies and Curacao, Greece, Israel, Bulgaria, Portugal, Sweden and Australia.