PreflopHero Spin&Go

PreflopHero Spin&Go

PreflopHero - is a pre-flop simulator in Spin & Go for amateurs and professionals. Application developed by experienced Spin & Go players. This application will help you achieve an excellent level of preflop skill.

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PreflopHero Spin&Go - is a preflop situations simulator for amateurs and professionals. It allows you to develop skills and run in new knowledge without the risk of losing your money.

PreflopHero allows you to:

  1. Train in real conditions, which allows you to bring your preflop to automatism. You will no longer waste precious time restoring the charts in your memory and will be able to concentrate on a more thoughtful postflop;
  2. Use the charts of the best Spin&Go trainers, whose current ideas will help you become stronger;
  3. Create your own strategy. The program has built-in convenient chart editor. Due to hands with weight and flexible sizing settings, you can lay the foundation for your own unique strategy;
  4. Identify key leaks in your strategy. The program highlights your mistakes and gives you the opportunity to work on them;
  5. Engage anywhere. Yes, the PreflopHero app is also available on your smartphone.

You can evaluate all the benefits and useful tools of PreflopHero for free on the official website of the developer.

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Does the application have a free version?

Yes, on the official PreflopHero Spin&Go website, you can try it absolutely free. It works in a browser. You don't need to download anything.

What are the benefits of PreflopHero Premium?

Most of the useful functionality of the program is available only to those who have issued a premium subscription to Preflop Hero. Premium Subscription benefits:

  • You can train all preflop situations, and not just open from BTN as in the free version;
  • Access to all PreflopHero Spin&Go charts;
  • Unlock the built-in chart editor;
  • Statistics will open and will be saved for all training situations, not only 3-max BTN;
  • Saving history of your mistakes.

Does PreflopHero Spin&Go have hotkeys?

Yes. They are located in the "Settings" - "Hotkeys" tab.

What training options are provided in PreflopHero Spin&Go?

Training mode can be divided into several elements:

  • Advanced training (also divided into: 3-max BTN, HU SB, Random, 3-max, 3-max SB, HU SB, HU, 3-max BB);
  • HU (consists of situations where you are on SB, on BB. Separately, you can choose the game vs limp\vs MR);
  • 3-max (BTN\SB\BB with a large number of previous events, any of which can be infused separately);
  • "Custom training", where you yourself specify the type of opponent (regular or fish), as well as the size of the stack (random, short, medium, deep).

Developer Feedback

If you have questions about the configuration or installation of PreflopHero, you can ask them:

How can I buy for PreflopHero Spin&Go?

With us you can buy PreflopHero Spin&Go for WebMoney, Skrill, Qiwi, Neteller, Yandex.Money, PayPal, Visa/Master Card, other payment systems, try PreflopHero Spin&Go for free and get a discount on your next purchase, as well as take part in the discussion on our forum.

Please note that signing up for a longer period entails greater savings. For example, If you apply license for 3 months, then it will cost you $ 45. If you consistently buy it monthly, then it will cost $ 60. The savings of $ 15 or 25% are obvious.

Introducing PreflopHero
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A very handy trainer for training preflop in spins. In modern poker, you have to look for any advantage, and if you have a cool preflop in such fast tournaments as Spin & Go, then you are already a 75-80% winner. I can't take subscriptions with packages yet, although I want to. MB discounts will be.


Классный тренажер для спин энд гоу. Очень нравится, что не нужно долго вникать в то, как он работает и смотреть часовые мануалы на ютубе. Вместе с тем есть и более углубленные функции, вроде создания собственного пака с диапазонами и тренировки именно его. Сниму балл за интерфейс - предпочел бы более яркие цвета.


Отличная программа для спинов. Наконец-то перестал систематически обсираться с таймбанком, пока судорожно вспоминал свой спектр для разных размеров стеков. При плотном мультитейблинге за всеми столами у тебя разное количество блинов и мозг просто взрывается от всей этой каши. Но после тренировок в ПрефлопХиро стало полегче - под конец рабочего дня даже голова чувствует себя более свежей. Еще не идеально, однако прогресс налицо.


I've been looking for a similar program specifically for Spin & Go for a long time. Before, I had to use more general software, like Icmizer, but it was difficult to work with it due to the specifics of the spins. I've been using PreflopHero Spin & Go for two months and can't get enough of it: I finally manage to really memorize all the charts for all situations. The number of mistakes and wrong actions felt to be reduced by 60-70%. Plus, multitabling has become much more comfortable, and concentration can be maintained longer!