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Attention! Don't forget to write the 6 last numbers of PokerTracker 4 license key and e-mail that connected with your PT4 to the comment field during the order.

Spin HUD* is a HUD designed specifically for Spin & Go and Jack Pot tournaments. Compatible and approved by the developers of PokerTracker 4 and Holdem Manager. After purchasing this item, you get an automatic upgrade when you first start a PokerTracker client. You can discuss Spin HUD and ask the developer questions on our forum about poker programs.

The development took place jointly with the famous hyper-turbo heads-up CIS coach, and at the moment a successful high-limit regular Spin & Go Alexander storo08.

Spin HUD benefits

  1. The presence of all the necessary stats
  2. Compactness. All additional information is placed in pop-ups.
  3. The availability of pop-ups for each preflop stat depending on effective stacks.
  4. Universality: suitable for both 3-max and heads-up.
  5. Color range of statistics, given the trends of the playing field.
  6. Convenience when multi-tabling.
  7. Product support 24/7

The abbreviations of the stats should not cause questions, but here is a small decoding for those who have not yet used a similar product:

  • RFI - open raise
  • OS - Open Push
  • Fv3B - fold to 3bet (not all-in and all-in)
  • VP - VPIP (click to open spoiler)Voluntarily Put Money in Pot: The percentage of the time that a player voluntarily contributed money to the pot, given that he had a chance to do so.
  • FTS - fold to steal
  • 3B - 3bet (not all-in and all-in)
  • FTSvSB  fold to steal from SB when BTN fold
  • 3BvSB - 3bet vs SB when BTN folded (3bet and push3bet by blinds level)
  • Limp (click to open spoiler)To enter the pot by calling rather than raising. For example, in hold’em before the flop, a player who calls the big blind (rather than raises) is described as "limping in."
  • Limp trap (click to open spoiler) When had a good hand, but decided just to limp in in order to trap opponents
  • L/F- limp/fold
  • L/R - limp/reraise
  • ISO - isolate raise (not all-in)
  • ISOvSB - isolate (not all-in) against SB, when BTN folds
  • ISOSvSB - isolate (all-in) against SB, when BTN folds

Spin HUD Features

The main stats is passed to post-flop: cbet and fold to cbet in rased pot and limp pot. The remaining postflop stats are placed in a pop-up (when you click on the text: CB and FvCB in both pots).

For all potential buyers, we provide a trial for three days. It is important for us that our customers make a choice consciously, and before giving the money, tried all the advantages of our product.

*HUD is a statistics package that is downloaded as an addition to PokerTracker 4 or HoldemManager 2. By owning such HUDs, you get important, carefully structured statistics output directly to the gaming table. Playing against opponents becomes much more obvious to you than before.

You can buy Spin HUD with Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, WebMoney, Yandex Money, Qiwi, Visa/Master Card and other payment systems from us, try Spin HUD for free and get a discount on the next purchase.

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