PartyCaption is an incredibly multifunctional program for the most comfortable game, both for a professional player and for an amateur. A huge number of features and settings allow you to automate all imaginable actions when playing poker online, as well as to receive almost any information about the current situation at a particular table or about a tournament being played, without having to click on additional options in the lobby of the poker client. PartyCaption has absorbed all the best that is in other auxiliary programs of this kind and has many other additional functionality.

The program is fully allowed to use on all PartyPoker clients, as well as on all network poker rooms.

The main features of the PartyCaption:

  • Show all stacks, bets and pot in big blinds;
  • fully customized fonts for nicks, stacks, bets, buttons, betbox;
  • Large color labels (notes) on the players;
  • Table manager - automatic placement of tables and the ability to customize the grid for autoplacement in a convenient for you configuration;
  • Betting scripts with many features and settings: set the size of the bet depending on the street (preflop, flop, turn or river), the number of opponents and their actions, your position at the table, stack size and so on;
  • Hotkeys: bet/raise/check/call/fold, Sit out next bb, I am back, rebuy, table closing and others;
  • An advanced HUD that allows you to display an incredible amount of useful information on the table:
    • table limit;
    • player positions;
    • pot odds;
    • bluff equity;
    • SPR - stack to pot ratio;
    • showing the mucked cards on the showdown (including in fast forward);
    • blinds level;
    • the number of remaining players in the tournament;
    • current position in the tournament;
    • ITM zone;
    • the number M - ratio of your stack to the current level of the blinds;
    • and much more.
  • Opp buttons - four virtual buttons for each opponent, on the click on which you can assign a variety of actions - for example, instantly go to the player’s statistics page in SharkScope or quickly write note;
  • Auto “I'm back”, auto timebank, auto-rebuy and auto-buyin (cash and tournaments separately);
  • The ability to remove almost all unnecessary elements of the table to save space on the monitor: for example, do not display the title and/or frame of the table, remove the chat etc;
  • Automatic processing of various dialog windows;
  • Highlighting the table with a colored frame in different situations and in different colors: under the mouse pointer; a table requiring action; depending on the current level of blinds, the size of the bank and many other parameters;
  • Built-in layouts/themes with simple and quick installation;
  • Hand2Note integration
  • Many other features.

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Where can I download the latest version of PartyCaption?

Download the latest version of the program, as well as read the most detailed guide to the use of the program, please visit the developer’s website. Download PartyCaption.

What are the settings for program working propertly?

PartyCaption works with any Bwin/Party network layout without prior configuration. There are only three conditions for the program to fully function:

  1.  Right-click on the program's shortcut, select Properties, then the Compatibility tab and check the box “Run this program as an administrator”;
  2. The poker client must be in English.

How to get 30 days of free use of PartyCaption?

To activate the PartyCaption trial period, follow these steps:

  1. Download the program and run it;
  2. Launch a poker client;
  3. Open the License tab in PartyCaption;
  4. Click Request Trial (this button will not appear until you log in to the poker room client, point 1 in the screenshot below);

What is a license ID and where can I get it?

To purchase the program you will need to specify a License ID. It is located in the same window as the trial version request (point 2 in the screenshot above).​

Please note that in your PartyCaption License ID will appear only after you log in to the poker room. If you just launch PartyCaption but don’t log in the poker client, the License ID field will not be filled.

How long is the paid license?

Paid license is valid for 1 year.

How can i buy PartyCaption?

You can buy PartyCaption with Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, WebMoney and other payment systems from us, try PartyCaption for free and get a discount on the next purchase.

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