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Knowing your ranges by eye is no longer enough to achieve serious success in modern online poker. You need to have the most detailed plan for each situation. And there are a lot of these situations during the game. If in the old days, for example, you could always 3-bet JJ + and AK, now you need to balance your ranges with the required number of bluffing hands. And the composition of your range should change depending on:

  • your position;
  • your opponent;
  • positions of other players;
  • your image;
  • blinds in stacks;
  • dynamics of the game.

It becomes obvious that memorizing a huge number of sets of hands is a difficult task. And a new poker program - PreflopHero Cash will help you cope with it.

How does PreflopHero Cash work?

PreflopHero Cash is a poker trainer that will help you remember the charts:

  • Open Raise;
  • Cold Call \ Fold;
  • Call \ Fold \ 4-bet against 3-bet.

The main value of the poker trainer is that you memorize the categories of hands in game situations, and not just by memorizing hands in Flopzilla or another program. This approach allows you to make decisions automatically during a gaming session. You save time for multitabling and maintain concentration without sacrificing quality. Several trainings in PreflopHero Cash can clearly show the weaknesses in your strategy. In the heat of hot multitabling, you may not even pay attention to the leaks of your game, but Preflop Hiro can easily find and demonstrate them to you.

PreflopHero Cash has 3 other useful features:

  • Packs constructor. If you are an experienced and strong player, then your strategy probably has its own unique features. Therefore, the poker trainer has the ability to create your own charts and train just them.

  • Sets of charts "Full GTO Pack" and "dyrdom1". In the first one, you will find the exhaustive ranges of the GTO - strategy game created with Simple Preflop. The second pack of charts was developed by the renowned Short Handed poker coach. Both packs are purchased separately. New charts from other well-known players are expected soon.

  • The poker trainer Preflop Hero works not only on personal computers, but also on smartphones with tablets. You will be able to work on the game anytime, anywhere. The only prerequisite is Internet access.

PreflopHero Cash tabs and interface

This is how the PreflopHero Cash start window looks like:

There are 4 icons on the left side of the screen:

1. Training is the main element of the program. Here you can complete Advanced Training in 3 areas:

  • OR,
  • vs OR,
  • vs 3bet.

Pressing the Start button will instantly start your workout. A Custom Training option is also available. Here you can set the parameters for the training yourself. You can define the range of hands in the filters, the specific situations and your position. An extremely convenient function if you are trying to work out a specific skill or specific situation. At the top of the page, you can change the workout chart. By default, the PreflopHero chart is selected.

2. Charts. From this PreflopHero screen, you can explore the charts available for training and even create your own. You can get acquainted with the preflop charts for selected situations by clicking on the "Look" button. If you want to create your own pack, then click "Create" on the right side of the tab. There are also two paid strategies located here:

  • Full GTO Pack;
  • dyrdom1.

They are not part of the PreflopHero Poker Trainer subscription. These must be purchased separately. However, when purchasing these strategies as a gift, you will receive a subscription for a period of one month or more - as a gift.

3. Statistics. The statistics tab allows you to visually assess your progress. It is on the basis of this information that you can identify your weak sides and focus on them. Evaluation is done using color marks and percentages. By clicking on a specific situation, you can see the number of your mistakes. In turn, clicking by mistake will show detailed information about it.

4. Settings. In the settings, you can sign up for a new subscription and find out how many days are left before the end of this one. A change of nickname is also available here, which will be shown during training exercises. Change of language, appearance of stacks (in chips or immediately in big blinds) and accuracy of their display complete the list of user settings. In the "Hotkeys" section, you can configure PreflopHero hotkeys. And the "Layouts" section allows you to change the appearance of the training table. Classic and dark layout options are available.

How to create your own charts pack - step by step instructions

1. First, from the PreflopHero Cash start window, go to the charts tab.

2. On the new tab, select "Create".

3. In the pop-up window, enter a name for your pack and click on "Create" again

4. After that you will be returned to the charts tab, but among them there will be an option with your version. Click on "Look".

5. Our eyes will see such a picture. We choose the "Create New Lesson" option.

6. On the new page, you need to select the position, action and type of opponent. The positions EP, MP, CO, BTN are available for selection. The list of actions includes:

  • Open Raise;
  • vs 3-bet;
  • vs 4-bet;
  • vs Open Raise;
  • vs Open Raise + Call.

Among the opponents, the choice is laconic: we play either against regular players or against fish. For example, let's take a BTN position, a game against a regular player 3-bet:

7. Now let's move on to the starting hands matrix itself. To fill the hands and highlight them with a certain color, you need to click on Fold, Call or Raise 3x. After that, the cards in the matrix will be highlighted in the specified color. You can add your own to the default options. You can also set the weight for each hand. There are also Reset, Copy, Paste and Import options available. The first three are pretty obvious, but the last one allows you to import ranges directly from Simple Poker. We complete the procedure of creating our chart in Preflop Hiro by clicking on "Create Lesson".

Congratulations, you've created your own workout chart. To start working with your charts in the main window of the program, select the "" package.

8. Then just press "Start" and training begins.

How to find your mistakes in PreflopHero - instructions with screenshots

From the already familiar main window of the program, go to the "Statistics" tab.

There we can get acquainted with all the results of our training in PreflopHero Cash. For more detailed information, you need to select a specific situation. In the example, this would be CO vs 3-bet.

After clicking on the selected situation, new information will open. We are interested in mistakes, we go there by clicking on "5 mistakes".

In a new window, you will see basic information on each of the errors and the action recommended by the program.

To see the hand visually at the training table, just click anywhere on the line with it.

And to view the chart according to which the recommendation was issued, simply click on “Chart” in the pop-up window with the table. In a given situation, the range of hands will look like this:

How to buy PreflopHero at the PokerEnergy store?

1. Go to the "Shop" section of our website;

2. From the list on the left, select the "Programs-trainers" tab;

3. In the list that appears, select PreflopHero Cash;

4. A notification about adding an item will appear automatically. After that, go to the cart by clicking on the "Cart" button (in the upper right corner);

5. Choose the subscription (license) term you are interested in, as well as the payment method and click "Checkout".

6. After confirmation of payment, your order will be sent to the mail you specified (during registration).

Why is it profitable to buy PreflopHero Cash from us?

  1. By purchasing a one-year license for a poker trainer, you can save a lot. A 12 month license costs $ 150. Renewal of the same license will cost $ 20 monthly. That is, by renewing your subscription every month for a year, you will pay $ 240. Saving $ 90 is very significant.
  2. If you purchase a training pack with charts from dyrdom1, then a license for 1 month of using PreflopHero Cash is provided as a gift;
  3. If you buy the "Full GTO Pack" training pack, you will receive a license for 3 months of using PreflopHero Cash as a gift.
  4. Bonus points are awarded for every purchase at the PokerEnergy Store. You can use these bonus points to purchase any goods in our store. That will allow you to save more and more money with each new purchase.
  5. A large number of available payment methods will allow you not to lose money on conversions or additional commissions. Among the presented payment methods are: WebMoney, Skrill, Qiwi, Neteller, Yandex Money, PayPal, Visa / Master Card.
  6. The average lead time is 1-2 hours on average. But no more than 24 hours (with the exception of the rarest force majeure).

Make your purchase of PreflopHero Cash right now in just a few clicks. If you still have any questions, then our technical support is at your service. You can also evaluate the utility of the program for free on the official website of the developer of the poker trainer.

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