Came, saw, defeated - the results of the first Galfond Challenge

Cash games, Holdem Manager 3, Poker and Quarantine

On the eve ended one of the most exciting online poker matches between Phil Galfond and VeniVidi1993. Spoiler - a duel at the Run It Once poker room ended with the victory of the owner of the Run It Once poker room. Coincidence?Actually - no, random people don’t open their own poker rooms!

Key information about their Heads Up:

  • A little over two weeks after the start of the Galfond Challenge, Phil lost to the opponent over 900,000 €;
  • Galfond was forced to take a break and paid a fine rival for 69,000 €;
  • After the break, Phil’s game somehow miraculously changed and he began to drastically reduce his loss;
  • In early April, VeniVidi1993 even found itself lagging behind, which, having an advantage of almost a million euros, looked discouraging;
  • Galfond was already lagging behind the last session, but for 74 hands before the end of the first Galfond Challenge match he managed to get ahead and he didn’t miss his;
  • As a result, after 25,000 hands Phil got rich at 1,671 € of net winnings;
  • Sidebet looks much more impressive - VeniVidi1993 will pay another 100,000 € under the terms of the bet.

If you think that Phil Galfond managed to turn the tide of the confrontation through intensive training, working with a psychologist, analyzing the VeniVidi1993 game, and supporting your family, then you are very mistaken. He actually just bought Holdem Manager 3 at PokerEnergy! Well, surely the key to success was not only the innovative poker tracker. However, our hypothesis cannot be discounted. Moreover, Holdem Manager 3 fully supports Run It Once. We also provide a free Flopzilla + Flopzlla Pro equity calculator for purchasing any version of HM3 from $ 100.

The triumphant admitted that he was very worn out and needed a rest. That is why the next HU in the Galfond Challenge can start ... at the end of this week. This time the test is not so difficult - the game will be against a rich recreation player Bill Perkins.

According to the terms of the bet:

  • Opponents will play 50,000 hands;
  • Again in PLO;
  • Perkins will have a stop loss of $ 400,000;
  • In the event of a loss, Galfond will pay Perkins an additional $ 1M. With the opposite outcome, Perkins will pay Phil $ 250,000;
  • Perkins can be replaced at any time by a representative of his Thirst Lounge streamer team.
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