Poker calculator with so many functions, which is not in any program of this kind. All that you wanted to calculate in NL Holdem, will do for you Power-Equilab
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Power-Equilab is an advanced equity calculator from the Equilab developers. The program is designed to combine in one application the best features of other poker equity calculators and analytical poker tools. Unlike the free Equilab, Power-Equilab has an incredible amount of additional features.

The best solution to explore all the features of Power-Equilab, will be to use the trial version of the program, which in terms of functionality is no different from a paid license. The trial is valid for 2 weeks. Just download the program from the developer's site and from the moment of the first launch of the program the countdown of the two-week free use of Power Equilab will begin. Download Power Equilab.

Power-Equilab features:

  • Equity calculations by spectres and sub-spectres;
  • Selecting the range of hands, the choice of weight for the spectres/group of spectres;
  • Built-in graphic labels and range calculator;
  • Equity graphics for any street;
  • Heatmap;
  • Import spectres from other similar programs, as well as hand histories from all popular poker rooms;
  • Base of over 20 of preset hand rankings and handranking editor;
  • Create the hand playability profiles in the editor, and use them or ready-made profiles;
  • The distribution of hand strength on unknown flops;
  • Built-in equity coach for all streets;
  • Scenario analyzer: calculate the equity of possible cards on the following streets;
  • The ability to export analyzes/graphs and their publication at many popular forums.

Equity Trainer: The program gives you different situations where you have to determine the equity of your hand/range against the opponent's range. You can choose the type of game - limit/no limit hold'em, tournaments or cash; and also different situations - blind on the blind or heads-up etc:

Profile of hands playability: you can set the strength of playability for each hand or use the pre-installed settings for different situations, for example - playability of hands in position/without position. Playability can be set both in equity offset and or % of equity realization.

Poker Mathematics: an interesting feature, thanks to which you can save a lot of time. Calculate pot odds on any street; find out how often for a given pocket hand the overcards on the flop/turn/river will come; how often an opponent in the blinds must surrender at different betsizings of your open-raise and much more, you can find out in this rather unique section of Power-Equilab.

Hands strength distribution on unknown flops: Power-Equilab calculates how a given spectre hits into a random flop (the average of all possible flops). In this case, you can select the required hand strength and get all the data for all made hands and draws.

And many more...

You can buy Power-Equlab for WebMoney, Skrill, Qiwi, Neteller, Yandex Money, PayPal, Visa/Master Card and other payment systems from us and get a discount on the next issue, as well as take part in discussing the subscription on our forum.

To purchase a license, you will need to specify Machine-code at the checkout stage when you purchase from our shop. It can be found in the window that appears after you have a free period of use of Power-equilab:

A Power-Equilab license will entitle you to register Power-Equilab on two computers (You must be the owner of both computers. It is not permitted to share a license with other people. Both PC must be at the same location).

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It does not work when the poker client is on!

Does the Power-Equilab have a free trial version?

Yes, there is a trial version for 14 days with no restrictions on limits. Download Power-Equilab for free.

Installation and Setup

Detailed instructions for installing and basic program settings are available in the Description section.

Delivery time

Up to 24 hours, but on average 1-2 hours.

Delivery method

The license key is sent to the email from the developer.

On how many computers the key is

The key is provided on 2 computers.

How can I pay for the Power-Equilab?

You can buy Power-Equilab by Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, WebMoney, Yandex Money, Qiwi, Visa/Master Card and other payment systems from us, try Power-Equilab for free and get a discount on the next purchase.

Ranges Overview in Power-Equilab

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Пару лет использовал PokerStrategy Equilab. И в качестве своеобразной благодарности оформил подписку на более продвинутую версию. Не буду кривить душой - PowerEquilab понадобился еще и для более интентивной работы с диапазонами. Сперва хотел взять Флопзиллу, но через 2 дня пользования пробной версией понял, что мне некомфортно и вернулся к Эквилабу. Тем более, что все нужные функции, вроде сохранения диапазонов или выделениях их разными цветами здесь тоже есть.


It is very nice software. First, it is very convenient to analyze hand histories. No Flopzilla is needed. Secondly, this is a kind of gratitude to the developers of free equilab for their work.


Достойная альтернатива Flopzilla. Больше нравится интерфейс, хотя это вкусовщина. Долгое время юзал бесплатный Equilab и очень обрадовался, когда узнал, что существует программа с расширенным функционалом. Единственный недостаток - подписка. Надеюсь, что разработчик в будущем сделает возможность купить софт пожизненно, как у их конкурентов.