Ace Poker Drills is a poker math trainer that teaches you how to count outs, odds and equity.

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There is nothing to do without knowledge of math in poker! If in the early 2000s it was still possible to win thousands of dollars and not know the basics, now you risk losing your bankroll almost instantly. Counting outs, odds, pot odds and understanding equity are essential skills for beginner poker players. Without them, there is no point in learning more advanced poker concepts. 

The main problem of mathematics, including poker, is that it is boring to study. Every poker book has a section with math and calculation examples. They are easy to read. It is even easier to forget while playing poker. Now, if there was a poker program that teaches you to quickly count outs, pot odds and equity, that would be good. Oh yes, because it exists and is called "Ace Poker Drills". Let's talk about him and his usefulness in learning basic poker math. 

Main features of Ace Poker Drills 

Ace Poker Drills is a simple and intuitive poker trainer whose main goal is to teach you basic math. Most of all, it is suitable for new poker players. Although experienced players who feel insecure when calculating odds, outs and equity will benefit from it. Ace Poker Drills puts players in common preflop and postflop situations in a quiz format. You think, choose the answer, see the correct solution and if you are wrong, the trainer gives you advice on how to improve your poker game. APD also teaches players how to properly count outs and convert them into pot odds. Ace Poker Drills monitors and shows your progress. 

Equity Trainer, which teaches you to intuitively understand the equity of each hand, is a unique tool among all poker programs. The trainer includes a free equity calculator. 

Features of Ace Poker Drills:

  • Teaches you to instantly determine preflop which hands are profitable to play; 
  • Gives professional advice on the best preflop action in any position;
  • Teaches you to better understand the ranges of your opponents; 
  • Helps to learn to intuitively feel the equity of the hand through repeated repetition of situations; 
  • Shows in what situations check, call, fold or raise are the most profitable;
  • Teaches how to count outs in poker, including backdoors;
  • Shows what chances (odds) you have to improve in a particular situation;
  • Allows you to monitor progress visually using a graph.

in Ace Poker Drills you can simulate both preflop and postflop situations

Ace Poker Drills consists of 4 parts: 

  • Preflop Trainer. Coaches you to make the right decisions preflop. Thanks to the trainer, you will instantly remember which hands you need to play with, and where the best solution is to fold. APD takes players' positions into account when designing tasks, which will allow you to practice more complex patterns. 
  • Equity Trainer. Simulates situations where you are learning to determine your equity against a specific hand or range. Knowing your pot odds and equity in any situation will help you make the right decisions. Due to this, your profit will grow. 
  • Odds And Outs. Ask you situations in the form of a quiz, where you have to calculate the number of outs and the odds of strengthening the hand on the turn and river. 
  • Equity Calculator. Analyzes your chances of winning in each situation and shows you the exact equity. 

Outs, odds and equity calculator is a free part of the poker program.

How to download and install Ace Poker Drills? 

To start using Ace Poker Drills you need to complete only 3 steps: 

1. You can download Ace Poker Drills for free from the official website of the developer. After the transition click "Download Free Trial Today".

The poker program for math training will download in 10-20 seconds.  

2. Run the installation file and in the window that appears, select the folder where the program will be installed. The trainer takes about 73 megabytes of hard disk space. Click "Install". 

3. Installing Ace Poker Drills will take a few minutes.

What the interface looks like and the first launch of Ace Poker Drills 

The start window of Ace Poker Drills at the first launch looks like this:

The free trial version of the poker math trainer runs without limits for 24 hours. After the expiration of this time, you will not be able to use the preflop trainer and equity trainer. But calculators for outs, odds and equity will always be available. To start the program, click on "Try". 

Be sure to read the notice before starting your workout. It contains the procedure for scoring, calculating outs and odds. You can switch Ace Poker Drills to advanced mode and then the program will count outs at the practice poker table more accurately. In the initial version, the algorithms work in a simplified way - all backdoor outs are counted as 1.

You start working on your development of poker mathematics from the very first clue.

The calculation of pot odds in the simulator is based on the old poker rule with multiplication by 2 or 4. It is convenient to use it during the game for quick decisions without losing the time bank. The essence of the rule is that your outs to improve from the flop to the turn are multiplied by 2, and from the flop to the river by 4. 

The notification can be disabled by unchecking the "Always show message on application startup" checkbox.

a tip from APD on how the poker outs calculator works.

After that, an additional window will appear, where you will once again be reminded that the rule of multiplication by 2 or 4 is approximate and does not give 100% accurate results. We click "Confirm". 

The initial training mode in Ace Poker Drills is a module with outs and odds. You can switch to other modes in two ways: 

  • buttons "Preflop Trainer" and "Equity Trainer" in the upper right corner of the program; 
  • tab "Settings" - "Program Type".

poker hand simulation in the Ace Poker Drills

The rest of the program settings allow you to switch between counting outs on the flop and on the turn ("Drill Type"), change the conditions of the quiz (decrease / increase the number of questions, switch to advanced mode or disable quiz altogether). Here you can also enable automatic dealing of cards in the "Deal Method". We recommend that you do this right away so that you do not have to manually deal cards to yourself for a new assignment. Poker calculator reminders are disabled in APD Reminder

switching between training modes and other Ace Poker Drills settings

The "File" tab consists of 5 options: 

  • Register now. If you have purchased the program, then copy the registration code here. You can register modules separately. Just fill out the form and click "Register". 
  • Check For Updates. Check for program updates periodically and install them. 
  • View Past Results. Track the dynamics of your progress with the help of a graph, which is based on the results of training in Ace Poker Drills. 
  • Copy Hand Info. Copies the information about the arm that you parsed in the simulator. You can paste it into the poker forum with Ctrl + V. 
  • Exit. Exit the program.

training videos and a link to the online poker outs trainer manual

The "Training" tab consists of training videos for each of the poker simulator modules. The player is built into the calculator and opens in one click. There is also a link to the written manual. Just click on "Online Manual".

How to count outs in poker and by Ace Poker Drills?

Counting outs in poker is a basic but very important skill. Again, out is a card that strengthens your hand and makes your hand better at showdown. If you know how to count outs, you can accurately estimate your chances of winning the hand and taking the pot. The indirect benefit of counting outs when playing poker is that you will instantly fold to pass in doubtful situations.


The flop is 9cAh and your opponent is 6c7c. The community flop cards are 8s8h6s. We have 6 outs for the best top pair: 9h, 9s, 9d, As, Ad, Ac. But besides them there are 2 more backdoor straight draws: 5c7d and 10c7d. In total, we have 8 outs from the flop to the river for strengthening. Remember when calculating about backdoor combinations for which you should see both the turn and the river.

how to count outs in poker on practice

Ace Poker Drills is the perfect calculator for calculating poker outs. It will teach you not only how to count winning cards in simple situations, but also point out exactly all the outs. These few percentages very often separate a profitable and a losing game. The more you outperform opponents in poker math, the higher your profit. And for this you do not need to learn all the intricacies of complex concepts like GTO strategy; just work hard in the trainer. 

During practice, you and your opponent at the poker table are dealt the starting hands and you must choose the exact number of outs from the 4 options. If you want to make the exercise even more effective, we recommend that you first count the number of outs in your head, and only then look at the options from the quiz.

The Ace Poker Drills Poker Outs Trainer is not overloaded with unnecessary details. Only the task and its solution.

After you have chosen the correct answer, then click on it. The correct answer will be highlighted in green. At the bottom of the training window, you can see all your outs. If the situation involved backdoor outs, then you can also familiarize yourself with them. In the hand from the example, we are strengthened: 6s, 6h, 6s, 9d, 9h, 9s. Our backdoors are 4c5c or 4d5d to the river.

Ace Poker DrIlls sets tasks with outs and gives answers to them that a poker player can understand.

The second part of the Odds and Outs module is calculating your equity. In simple terms, poker equity shows how often you will win after a showdown in a given situation. If you have 40% to win, then they say "you have 40% equity." Poker hand equity is not constant. Even when opponents go All-in preflop, the same hand will have different odds of winning, depending on the hand with which the second player went all-in. 

On the flop, the situation is even more difficult because of the board cards that introduce new elements into the calculations. To calculate equity accurately requires complex calculations.

With this equity formula, you can't make a quick calculation!

There is a simple yet fairly accurate way to calculate poker equity. It was already mentioned above - it is multiplying the number of outs by 2 or 4.

Exercise of hand equity in poker in practice

It is on this rule that equity calculations in Ace Poker Drills are based. In the example in the screenshot, we are only strengthened by 3 aces and 57. Multiply 4x4 and get 16%. Now let's compare the result of our equity calculations with the exact value from the APD calculator. The result is almost identical. 

Calculating equity in a particular poker hand from the example above.

How does Ace Poker Drills Preflop Trainer work? 

Preflop training is implemented in a separate Ace Poker Drills module called "Preflop Trainer". A large number of players do not understand the importance of preflop play and its role in overall strategy. This neglect of the poker foundation is very costly for them in the future. Preflop situations are the most common in poker, so you should be able to play them well. Setting up a solid preflop strategy is the main goal of the Preflop Trainer.

Due to constant repetitions, your preflop skills will become entrenched in the subconscious

Training in APD is simple: in a specific situation, you need to choose the right solution from 4 options: 

  • Fold; 
  • Check; 
  • Call; 
  • Raise. 

In some situations, there may be 2 correct answers. Consider your position and starting hand when making your decision. In the settings, you can change the dynamics of the table. It can be loose-aggressive, tight-passive, or medium. Correct answers will depend on the selected option. Ideas of the Ace Poker Drills' Preflop Trainer were developed later in PokerIQ and PreflopHero Cash poker simulators. Review and instructions for PokerIQ can be found here. A review and instructions for PreflopHero Cash are here

How does the Equity Trainer from Ace Poker Drills work?

The main goal of the Equity Trainer is to teach you to intuitively understand your equity in a particular situation. Understanding equity distinguishes a good player from a normal one. Training in a poker simulator is based on the simulation of frequently occurring situations while playing poker. Numerous repetitions over time will give you that intuitive understanding of equity.

This is what poker hand equity training looks like.

An added benefit of working as an equity coach is that you will start thinking better with ranges and making more profitable decisions at the table. The training is based on simulating real hands at the poker table. You can customize: 

  • the number of players at the table (6-max or 9-max); 
  • street (preflop, flop, turn or river); 
  • enable or disable the bluff part of the quiz. 

The bluff profitability feature is not the most obvious, but one of the most useful sources of your future success. Knowing your equity in a particular hand is an important skill to make good decisions. However, practicing situations where you make it clear to yourself how often your bluffs should go is the foundation of a great redline in the future. A good balance between bluffing and playing your strong hands correctly will make you a very dangerous and unpleasant opponent at mid to high limit tables.

During equity training, you can turn on or off the statistics of your opponent in the pot. Ace Poker Drills suggests making decisions based on VPIP, PFR, AF and 3-bet. You can open up your opponent's range to make a thoughtful decision. Its range appears when you click on the magnifying glass icon. 

Free Equity Calculator at Ace Poker Drills 

When you install Ace Poker Drills, a free equity calculator appears on your computer. It is not included in the training modules, but comes as a separate application. The calculator is useful for analyzing hands. The program is not nearly as good as the same Flopzilla or Power-Equilab, but it is completely free. But it has other advantages:

  • you can calculate the equity for each player even at a poker table with 10 players; 
  • it is possible to download the hand history from the database of your poker tracker; 
  • you have the option to copy the analysis results in one click, in order to then post it on a profile poker site, personal blog or in a Skype conference. 

poker calculator in Ace Poker Drills

The Equity Calculator has two ways to set player ranges. One involves the selection of two specific cards. Useful to remember the equity of your starting hands when betting preflop. The second method is more popular - you open a matrix with cards and choose a range consisting of a certain percentage of hands.

hand matrix in poker trainer

To simplify and speed up the process, there are predefined groups of hands.

approximate preflop ranges for raise, call, 3-bet, 4-bet and limp pots situations.

After selecting the ranges, specify the board cards, click on "Calculate Equity" and, after 2-3 seconds, the calculation result will appear. 

How to buy Ace Poker Drills?

It is extremely easy to buy the products you need in our shop: 

1. Click on the "Shop" tab. 

2. On the left side of the page, check the "Programs-trainers" option.

3. Scroll down to the Ace Poker Drills card. 

4. On the next screen, click on the "Buy" button. 

5. After clicking on the button, you will find yourself on the developer's site. There, scroll down a bit and select the appropriate option by clicking on "Add to Cart".

6. Go to the shopping cart. Make sure that the program you need is located there and click on "Checkout". 

7. Follow the recommendations for the payment procedure on the partners' website. 

Why is it profitable to buy Ace Poker Drills from us? 

1. You will receive bonus points for every purchase at the PokerEnergy Shop. You can use these bonus points to purchase any goods in our shop. That will allow you to save more and more money with each new purchase. 

2. A large number of available payment methods will allow you not to lose money on conversions or additional commissions. Among the presented payment methods are: WebMoney, Skrill, Qiwi, Neteller, Yandex Money, PayPal, Visa / Master Card. 

3. The average lead time on average is 1-2 hours. But no more than 24 hours (with the exception of the rarest force majeure). 

How to get Ace Poker Drills for free?

If you do not want to spend money on buying poker programs, then there is an opportunity to get them completely free. In addition to Ace Poker Drills, we provide any poker software for players who register through our links in the poker rooms from the list. To register, simply go to the appropriate page of the poker room and follow the instructions. 

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