Grand Tour – new kind of Pokerstars Spin&Go

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While the attention of the poker community is riveted on SCOOP starting tomorrow, the gloomy geniuses from Pokerstars are not idle, but have already prepared a new surprise - the Grand Tour. So, let’s talk about its features.

What is the difference between Grand Tour and Spin&Go?

In recent years, spin and go tournaments have become the real flagship of online poker. Even the hypothetical opportunity to win a giant prize attracts fast money lovers like a magnet. However, Pokerstars decided to go even further and combine their most popular brainchild with another format that is in high demand - progressive knockout (PKO). Now, a reward will be assigned to the random player’s head. Other differences:

  • Number of participants increased to 4;
  • Blind levels will not grow by the minute, but every 4-6 hands (depends on tournament limit);
  • 50% of the buy-in of each player will go as a reward for knockout;
  • The starting stack will double up to 1250 chips.

But the Pokerstars innovation managers got a taste for it and decided not to stop there. The new graphic capabilities of the Aurora engine were also used. Therefore, a separate tab with the Grand Tour tournaments will be very bright and very different from the usual laconicism of the lobby of the Pokerstars client.

The final touch in a masterpiece of creativity will be the accumulation of rewards for the players' heads. If you knock out a player for whom a bounty is assigned, then half of this amount immediately goes to your account. The second half is sent as a reward already for your head. And moves to the next tournament if you managed to win the current Grand Tour. But you can’t get it before reaching the mark of $ 100. We assume that hunting for the heads of regular players who win an objectively greater percentage of tournaments than amateurs will unfold in a serious way.

It's funny, but a couple of years ago at Partypoker the format of local Spins was very similar to the Grand Tour: the same 4 participants, a bounty was assigned to the head of one of the random players. The confrontation between Partypoker and Pokerstars has reached a new level. Previously, Partypoker followed Pokerstars news and borrowed the most successful finds. Now, Pokerstars are copying many elements from Partypoker tournaments. Almost like a dream inside dream in Christopher Nolan’s «Inception».

How to win more in Grand Tour at Pokerstars?

Previous experience in running Spin & Go tournaments at Pokerstars suggests that for the first time, almost all opponents in the Grand Tour will turn out to be weak players. Consequently, the profitability of each tournament in the new format will be higher than that of a regular spin and go. However, we strongly recommend that you take a responsible approach to working on your own strategy. Therefore, all the time before launching the Grand Tour at, it makes sense to devote yourself to improving your poker skills. The easiest way to develop your Spin&Go skills is the new poker tool PreflopHero.

The program is designed specifically for hyper-turbo tournaments and helps to quickly automate your preflop game. You can try PreflopHero for free on the official website of the developer.

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