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Are you a fish or a shark? The answer will be given by Poker edge.

Tired of losing online poker? Are you tired of watching other players consistently win? Wondering what they have that you don't? Everyone knows that knowledge and information is a power that cannot be overestimated for poker, whether online or offline. What makes a poker pro a professional? After all, he plays with the same cards and pays with the same credit cards. How do poker pros manage to win with weak cards?


They collect information about rivals. They learn to play better against any type of opponent. In real poker, this means taking notes in your mind about opponents and studying their style, identifying strengths and weaknesses. In online poker, the principle was the same: spend hours playing and analyzing hands, taking notes. But this is only until recently!

There is a tool to help you become a STABLE successful online poker player. Neglecting this opportunity can cost you thousands of dollars.

This service is called Poker Edge and they track 3.7 MILLION online poker players. Yes, we are not mistaken, 3.7 MILLION !!! And this number is growing every day. Using this service, you will immediately know what type of player you are.

There are 11 different types of players in total. You fall into one of these categories, and perhaps not the one you were thinking:

Calling Station

It is easy to guess from the name that this type of player calls a lot and often. He plays a loose-passive style preflop, a passive style postflop and often brings his hand to showdown. This player is constantly calling. Bet against him for value and never bluff. This is the least profitable type of player.


He is a wild, unpredictable player whose presence can change the dynamics at the table. Maniacs play extremely loose and aggressive. They love to bluff. Play against maniacs only with good cards.


He is an experienced and competent player who combines tight and aggressive play styles. It is best to avoid such opponents at the table.


He is a tight and passive player who prefers to call and fold over bets and raises. This player is the perfect target for bluffing and stealing the blinds.


It is difficult to recognize the rock at the table, as such a player is involved in very few hands. Rock is characterized by tight and aggressive preflop play, but passive postflop play. He doesn't like throwing chips around. You can't expect good action from such an opponent.


He is an aggressive player, but not disciplined enough. These players are loose and aggressive. They are always ready to play and give good action. This type of player is prone to bluffing.

Red level

He is a tight and passive preflop player but aggressive postflop. They rarely raise preflop, even with a good hand. They are very tight players. Be careful with preflop raises.

Green level

These players play a very large number of hands and often overestimate their hands.

Green fish

Loose and passive players. Their style is very unprofitable. These are weak players. Use value bets against them.

Blue fish

This type of player is loose and aggressive preflop, but passive postflop. Plays a very large number of hands. Use value bets against them.


A player who always watches the flop willingly. A very loose player who enters the hand with any two cards.

How to use this information? If you own the Poker edge, then you have a tremendous edge over the other players at the table. Your hand is 10-J and you didn't get anything on the flop. Your opponent is the "mouse" (this is indicated by the icon opposite him in the Poker edge). You know the mice are very passive even with strong cards, so chances are good that your opponent will fold if you try to steal the pot with a marginal hand.

This is a simple example and a simple solution, but you wouldn't have this information without Poker edge. But another player may turn out to be a shark waiting for you with AK.

Poker Edge offers not only information, but also comprehensive statistics about each player. Once you grasp the basics and learn the information about an opponent, you will know:

  • When this player raises preflop and whether it brings him success;
  • When this player bets or raises after the flop, and what percentage of hands he wins;
  • When this player bets or raises on the turn and what percentage of hands he wins;
  • When this player bets or raises the river, and what percentage of the hands he wins.

This information will give you an idea of ​​how the player is evaluating their hands and how often they are bluffing. Another great feature. At each stage, Poker edge shows you the pot odds so you know exactly if you should keep playing and what your chances of improving your hand are. And one more useful function. You can see if a player is profitable or unprofitable in the long term and how much they have made or lost. And all this is just the tip of the iceberg

This is just a small basic example of poker statistics provided by Poker edge. This program has Beginner and Advanced modes so that novice users can only see the information they need most. With the basics clear, you can plug in more advanced statistics. Using the program will allow you to accurately identify the weaknesses of your opponents and take advantage of this, as well as avoid strong opponents.


Hundreds of thousands of online players use this software. If you are not one of them, then they will have a colossal advantage over you! There are many programs that suggest how to use your cards as efficiently as possible, taking into account the chances of winning. This is true, but these programs are suitable for an ideal world in which all players act as they should. In practice, it is important to know not only the pot odds and the value of your hand, but also your opponent. You can subscribe to Poker Edge on our website using webmoney or skrill.

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