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Online poker has changed a lot in the last 10 years. Balanced play has been a key driver of change. These days, you can't beat even the medium limits without knowing about GTO. Software developers have provided players with tools to learn a balanced strategy. Not only analyzing hands in solvers, but also working with ready-made GTO solutions will be helpful. That is what we have filled our new catalog section with.

Why do we need GTO solutions?

Many players mistakenly believe that you have to know ready-made solvers by heart. Memorizing the solver recommendations makes no sense for two reasons:

  • The amount of information is too large and impossible to memorize;
  • The real opponent's strategy is far from the ideal balance.

When working with ready-made solutions, it is important to understand the logic of the solver. They help you understand why the GTO software makes a particular decision in a particular situation. For example, why the solver recommends to check AA from BTN more often on the low connected flop against BB, even though most players protect overpairs on dangerous boards. If you understand the solver's ideas, you'll be able to make optimal decisions without mechanically repeating the action after the program.

How are the decision sets different?

We've added 16 solution sets. They differ from each other by:

  • Depth of the effective stacks;
  • Sizing of the raises;
  • Positions of the opponents;
  • poker rooms or networks.

Ready solutions are not made-up information: all calculations are based on databases with tens of millions of hands. Calculations even take into account the specifics of the strategy in different rooms, so there are separate sets for PokerOK, 888Poker or Chico Poker Network.

What software to work with them in?

To work with GTO solutions, you need Simple Preflop Holdem or PioSolver. Sets can be fully used in the free version of solvers.

Solutions work with the trial, so you do not have to buy Simple Preflop Holdem

That is, you don't need to buy a $250 solver separately. Solutions work with trial.

How to install GTO solutions in the solver?

To get started with the GTO solutions, follow 5 steps:

1. Download the kit that was sent to you after payment.

2. Extract the obtained file using WinRAR.

3. Drag and drop the extracted solutions into Simple Preflop Holdem.

4. In the center of the solver's workspace, change the menu setting from "Played show" to "Strategy show".

5. Watch the tutorial video on how to work with the solutions.

Why is it profitable to buy on PokerEnergy?

Two arguments in favor of our shop:

1. Bonus points. For any paid order we give you bonuses which you can spend in your next purchase and save.

2. Free software. We give programs for buying goods from the section with promotions. For example, we give Simple GTO Trainer for free for annual Hand2Note Pro subscription.

All updates to the catalog and best deals are published in telegram-channel PE. Sign up if you don't want to lose +EV.

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