Added new HUD and analytics kits for H2N to the catalog

New Products

Tracker is an indispensable tool in any professional player's arsenal. In recent years, Hand2Note has been the dominant statistical software. Some are seduced by its speed, others by its unique tools, and still others by the free basic version. A good tracker serves as a foundation, but even more important is a convenient and competent HUD. Venom HUD kits will increase the income from each session. Let's talk about them.

What are the new sets of statistics?

There are 4 new HUD added to our catalog:

  • Venom [Cash]. Statistical and positional HUD. Developed with the participation of 10 professional NL100+ players over 6 months. It will be useful not only during game, but also while analyzing hands. Consists of 6 HUD, 19 pop ups and 5,500 statistical indicators.
  • Venom [MTT]. Statistical HUD for MTT, Sit&Go and MTSNG games. Leading tournament players of medium and high limits took part in development of this set. It is useful both during the session, as well as when analyzing the strategy in the tracker. Includes 4 HUD, 22 pop ups and 14,000 stats.
  • Venom [Omaha]. A set for playing at the pot-limit omaha tables. Emphasis on balanced preflop and deflecting opponents from GTO strategy. Able to point out many leaks of opponents, like unsure play against efficient stacks or low aggression on the river. Consists of 1 HUD, 30 pop ups and 7,000 stats.
  • Venom [Straddle]. A special set of stats adapted to play in Asian mobile applications. When creating the HUD the developer proceeded from the realities of Asian applications, where the players have no time to make decisions, most of the opponents are unknown to us, and the space on the screen is strictly limited. It comes with 2 HUD, 19 pop ups and 2,800 stats.

You buy any of the HUDs once and for life. No subscriptions or upgrade fees. Developer provides free trials of Venom [Cash], Venom [MTT], Venom [Omaha], Venom [Straddle] for 5 days.

What about analytics sets?

Analytics packs don't point out opponents' weaknesses during play, but they are hugely beneficial off the poker tables.

Packs reveal strategy weaknesses based on analysis of large databases and aliases (combining multiple player nicknames). Sets take the understanding of poker to a new level. Here are the kits that have appeared in the shop:

  • Analytic Package [Cash]. The set consists of 18,000 stats, 6,000 custom stats, and 80 pop ups for all situations and lines.
  • Analytic Package [MTT]. The pack includes 55,000 statistical indicators, 15,000 custom stats, and over 120+ universal pop ups for all occasions.
  • Analytic Package [HU]. The package includes 11,000 stats, 1,000 custom stats, and 40 pop ups for all situations and lines.
  • Analytic Package [Straddle]. An analysis package for Straddle tables. It includes 20,000 stat stats, 6,000 custom stats, and 105 pop ups for any situation at the game table.

Stats from the sets can be added to the HUD and used during the session. The developer provides free trials of Analytic Package [Cash], Analytic Package [MTT], Analytic Package [HU], Analytic Package [Straddle] for 3 days.

All catalog updates and good deals are published in the PokerEnergy telegram channel. Sign up to not lose +EV.

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