Adaptive HUD

Adaptive HUD

Universal tool for playing in several poker rooms at the same time: in rooms where dynamic HUD is allowed, you can use it, and in rooms where it is prohibited, you will have a full-fledged positional HUD.
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Adaptive HUD contains all the possibilities of a dynamic and positional profile which makes it very convenient for use in different rooms and different table formats at the same. For example, in the networks 888, WPN, iPoker, Winamax and PartyPoker you will use all the opportunities of a dynamic HUD, and as for the rooms where it is prohibited or not supported, the complete positional HUD will function.

Adaptive HUD is made for Hand2Note. At the moment, the basic version of Hand2Note is completely free with no time limits. Download.

Detailed installation and basic setup instructions are available here.

Features and benefits

  • Display of statistics in the HUD according to the positions and in relation to your position at the table:
    - Early/Middle vs Late positions.
    - Late vs Late, etc.
  • Different HUDs depending on the number of hands for an opponent:
    - 0 < 200Hands – Unknown players;
    - 200 < 1500 < 2000 < 5000Hands – Little-known players;
    - > 5000Hands – Regular players.
  • Advanced preflop/postflop statistics with an increase of hands for an opponent:
    - Total stats for unknown players;
    - IP/OOP stats for little-known players;
    - Advanced positional stats when playing against Regular players only.
  • Display of statistics depending on the current board texture;
  • Informational panels at preflop;
  • Reacting at different steal sizes at late positions;
  • Reacting at different continuation bets;
  • Total Bets, Folds, and Wins at River;
  • Additional automatic information for every stat:
    - postflop/preflop diagrams;
    - next player’s actions;
    - vs-Hero;
    - bet sizes/showdowns;
    - action profit;
  • Convenient and compact pop-ups.
  • A great collection of HUDs that keeps being supplemented.
  • Clear representation and understanding of opponents’ games due to detailed statistics.
  • Possibility to analyze your game and opponents on all game lines.

How to get a discount on the Hand2Note?

10% discount on the first purchase: available if this is your first Hand2Note paid subscription. To get a discount, you need to go to the website Han2Note, select the desired subscription and enter H2N10NU in the "promotional code" field. The discount will be calculated automatically, you will see it immediately after entering the promotional code.

Basic version of Hand2Note is free. Download.

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What tracker is Adaptive HUD made for?

Adaptive HUD is made for Hand2Note. At the moment, the basic version of Hand2Note is completely free with no time limits. Download.

To get a trial period, contact [email protected]. In the letter you must specify the email address from the Hand2Note account and the name of the package, which requires a free period. The free trial for Adaptive HUD is available for 14 days.

Installation and Setup

Detailed installation and basic setup instructions are available here.
Customization of poker rooms for Adaptive HUD here.
Presettings of Adaptive HUD are here.

Compatible with other poker programs

To support a dynamic HUD, you need to share Hand2Note with the appropriate program:

Delivery time

Up to 24 hours, but on average 1-2 hours.

How can I pay Adaptive HUD for the Hand2Note?

You can buy Adaptive HUD by Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, WebMoney, Yandex Money, Qiwi, Visa/Master Card and other payment systems from us, try Adaptive HUD for free and get a discount on the next purchase.


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