Theme for Regulars (MPN)

Theme for Regulars (MPN)

A theme created for tight multi-tabling is now available at Microgaming Poker Network

The layout «Theme for regulars» is drawn especially for Microgaming Poker Network regular players.

It is included in the layout:

Colors: The most preferred of all color - gray. And it formed the basis of the entire thread.

View of poker room: In the room 4 options for displaying tables - Classic, Fun, Arcade and Mini. The theme is actual for all 4 options!

Pods: Comfortable and non-irritating to eyes, without any frills. It was very nice!

Chips: Two options. you can leave the map of one chip. But for fans of the classics, it is possible to leave the standard of their number.

Table: Tables are made in the same style for all kinds.

Backgrounds: Four comfortable backgrounds, specially selected for a long game.

Deck: Included are 2 types of decks. two new decks with a different version denomination executed for Hold'em and Omaha games. Traditionally spades choice of yellow or gray color and number 10 or "T".

Back deck: 6 colors to choose from.

Notes: Made in the form of a small envelope.

Dillerbutton: 6 kinds of button.

Notes: Four species. Two versions of the solid fill with bright and less bright background. Two frames too different brightness. Everyone can find a suitable option currently.

Slider and action buttons: Traditionally in four colors. It can be combined.

Paying close influence of all elements present at the table. Redraw all in the same range. There is nothing superfluous, as well as unnecessary shadows and bulges. Player!

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Microgaming Poker Network

Installation and setup

Layout is made for the room - Red Star Poker. If you play in another room, you need to select the right folder at the very beginning of the installation.

But that is not all. As you can see from the screenshot, the name is again mentioned inside the room.

After installation, rename the folder, or transfer files to the folder with the name of the room. Be careful, the name of the room occurs twice! Dont make mistake here!
In the room, do this:

Choose from the four top backgrounds:

With questions about setting up and running the theme write to Skype: koronkov_michael.

What is included?

  • Cards included: yes;
  • Ten as «T»: yes;
  • Ten as «10» :yes;
  • Black spades: yes;
  • Yellow spades: yes;
  • Chips included: yes.

What games (disciplines) does it support?

  • Holdem (2,4,5,6,8,9,10 max);
  • Omaha (2,6,8,9 max).

How can i pay for theme (layout)?

You can buy layout «Theme for regulars» for Microgaming Poker Network by Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, WebMoney, Yandex Money, Qiwi, Visa/Master Card and other payment systems from us and get a discount on the next purchase, as well as take part in discussing the subscription on our forum.

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