Mystery Bounty: what is the format and where to play it?


Routine causes boredom. The management of poker-rooms understand it very well, that's why they are constantly experimenting with new formats. Regular MTT gave way to the leading positions to knockout tournaments long ago. Then they lost their relevance and players chose progressive knockout. The next evolutionary step is Mystery Bounty. About them we will talk.

What is Mystery Bounty and how does it differ from the usual PKO?

Mystery Bounty did not revolutionize the multi-table tournaments. Players are rewarded for knocking out their opponents. The condition is exactly the same as in MTT with a progressive knockout. The only difference is the approach to determining the size of the payout. In PKO tournaments the reward grows depending on the number of knocked out opponents: the more opponents a player has, the more attractive target he becomes. In Mystery Bounty, the bounty for an opponent is determined randomly. Let's break down the difference in approach visually.

PKO. Let's take the $215 Daily Heater tournament from the GGPoker lobby as an example. The $215 buy-in is distributed as follows: $99 + $100 + $10 + $6. The amount of $100 goes into the prize pool for knockouts. Let's assume that we knock out the first opponent in the first hand of the tournament. This success will bring us $50. At the same time, the reward for our head will grow: if we were worth $50 in the first hand, after beating our opponent, the price tag rises to $75. With each new victim, the reward grows proportionately. The PKO format allows you to beat the buy-in without finishing in the prize area. It is enough to knock out 2-3 opponents.

PKO tournaments are deprived of the main problem of MTT - a large number of players waiting for the prize zone

Mystery Bounty. The format is just gaining momentum, so there aren't many suitable tournaments in the lobby. For example, we focus on "New Year's MYSTERY BOUNTY" with a prize pool of $ 2,000,000. The guarantee of the tournament is divided into 2 equal parts: 1) regular prize money based on final place; 2) a bounty for knocked out opponents. The maximum bounty per opponent's head is $250,000. But the tournament is divided into 2 game days and awards for eliminations will begin only in the final day of the tournament. You can track not played bounties for knockouts through a special table in the tournament lobby.

The random size of the bounty in Mystery Bounty appeals to amateurs. The prospect of getting 100 or 500 buy-ins for knocking out a single opponent sounds enticing. A minimum of effort and a huge reward - it's easy to draw a parallel between Mystery Bounty and spins. It's easy to predict the negative reaction of the professionals, too. Still, the progressive knockout is more stable and easier to predict, unlike the random reward in Mystery Bounty. Especially if you understand that in most situations you will get the minimum payout.

Where to play it?

The format was invented offline, but is now being actively added to the schedule by online rooms as well. Mystery Bounty tournaments are now available on 888Poker, GGPoker and PokerBros.

888Poker recently held an entire series with Mystery Bounty

The mobile room introduced them recently. Unlike the classic rooms, at PokerBros, the tournament from the beginning to the end is held in a day. There is no division by day, where awards for knocked out players are given only at the final stage. PokerBros simply divided the one-day tournament into 2 stages. Let's say that from level 1 to 15 the blinds go to the first stage, and from 15 to Heads Up to the second stage.

How to increase profit from playing on PokerBros and GGPoker?

The poker network Good Game prohibits the use of trackers while playing. Until recently, players did without statistics and HUD. The emergence of the GGConverter has changed the situation for the better. The converter helps to output HUD and statistics in real time. So far, the software works only with the mobile version of GGPoker and other rooms of the GG network.

The biggest prize in Mystery Bounty can be found in tournaments GGPoker

A similar situation with statistics was in mobile applications for poker. Here, the Asian Converter will help conduct full-fledged sessions. The converter supports not only PokerBros, but also PPPoker, Upoker, Suprema Poker and X-Poker. Asian Converter works with all the leading trackers: Hand2Note, Holdem Manager 2, PokerTracker 4, Holdem Manager 3. The software is not limited to conversion of hands, but also has other useful functions. For example, it converts stacks to big blinds on PokerBros and outputs pot-odds during the session.

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