FreeBetRange review. The perfect tool for preflop ranges


A polished preflop is the foundation of a successful poker strategy. An experienced player has dozens of charts for different situations. It is not easy to remember and use them in time. FreeBetRange will simplify the task and take your preflop to the next level.

What FreeBetRange can?

FreeBetRange is an application for working with ranges right in your browser. The software is suitable for 3 tasks:

  • creating and saving ranges;
  • Using charts while playing poker;
  • Hone your skills in range trainer.

The big advantage of FreeBetRange over its competitors is that it works fully not only on computers, but also on mobile devices. You will be able to train on the road, in line at the store or during a boring lecture. All workout data is synchronized, so don't worry about losing progress.

The app is divided into 3 main tabs: "Editor", "Viewer", "Trainer". The leading place in the structure of FreeBetRange is given to the editor. Here we create, import and export charts. We use the ranges from the editor in the game from the viewer mode. As well as practicing preflop charts in the trainer.

Why is FreeBetRange better than other preflop software?

FreeBetRange has several advantages over its competitors. Among them are: more tools for working with ranges, ability to use the software during the session, support for importing and exporting preflop charts from popular poker programs. Let's not forget the cloning, Quick Share feature and modern design. The app also has a dark theme, which allows you to perceive the material better and keep your concentration longer.

Under any of the hands group, you can leave a note with additional explanations. The middle button of three in the lower left corner is responsible for the note function

Not obvious pluses of the app include support for short deck poker. No other poker trainer can boast of this. Fans of 6+ Holdem, Short Deck, Six Plus Holdem and other short deck variations will be pleased.

A wide range of tools. Competitors rely on trainers, so the matrix of starting hands is underdeveloped there. FreeBetRange allows not only grouping hands into charts, but also coloring them in different colors, setting weights and cloning the whole set. Buttons with pocket pairs, suited aces and suited broadway speed up your work in the app. On a handy scale, you can designate the weight of any hand in 1% increments. If you want to emphasize that your opponent makes a 4-bet 83% of the time with AA, and 17% of the time he calls, all you have to do is to press one button and move the mouse to the right.

In the "Store" section you can buy ready-made solutions from trainers and train them already

The option to use software during the session. Many modern poker programs do not work with a running client of the room. A classic example - poker calculator Flopzilla Pro automatically closes when you start PokerStars. The developer did this deliberately, because PS prohibits the use of FZ during the game. FreeBetRange can be used without any problems because it works in the browser. Poker rooms don't see browser tabs, so they won't penalize you.
Import and Export. FreeBetRange imports data from a number of poker programs:

The developer adds new programs to the list on demand. For example, three days before writing the review, Range Manager was added. Almost the same list of programs is available for exporting charts from the application. The combination of import and export makes it easier to exchange hand sets with other players, coaches, or the community.

Cloning. Most preflop charts in poker vary little. Let's take a raise from an early position as an example. In most hands, we open a basic group of starting hands, but make an exception when there is a weak player on the blinds. In the latter case, we expand the range by a few hands. We need both ranges, but we don't want to allocate the same sets of hands manually. This problem is solved by cloning, which allows us to move the kernel of the range in a few clicks. All we have to do is to select additional hands and save the chart.

Quick Share. The developer has implemented a quick screenshot option in the application. It allows you to save your hand matrix in one click and share the picture. Denoted the function by the icon of the camera. The button is located under the starting hand matrix.

Dark Theme. The dark theme is being added to more and more sites. What is the reason? It has several advantages: it saves smartphone charge, increases the efficiency of information perception and diversifies the interface. Some studies have shown that reducing blue light reduces the time to fall asleep and improves sleep quality.

Short deck poker. Short deck poker has failed to become the new fast poker or replicate the success of spins. Therefore, there is almost no adapted software for the needs of a shortened deck. However, it have fans. With FreeBetRange they have got a tool where they can work with the cards without denominations lower than sixes.

There are 630 combinations in the short deck, not 1,326 as in the regular deck

The developer is constantly working to improve the product. In the last update he introduced the ability to make notes and expanded the set of colors when coloring the matrix. At the same time the cloning and export tools were improved.

How to create ranges in FreeBetRange?

Creating a range in the application is simple. As an example let's build a chart for the early position. The sequence of actions looks like this:

1. Click on the button with four squares in the left top corner.

2. In the window that appears, select "Classic", name the range "Open Raise UTG" and click on "OK".

3. Choose starting hands on the matrix. The buttons to the right will speed up the process.

4. Click on "Save".

That's all, we have created our first chart in FreeBetRange. For it to be convenient to work with them, we have added a cloning function. It copies the whole chart, which speeds up work with repeating sets of hands. Let's try to clone an existing set of hands. This is done in three clicks:

1. Hover the mouse cursor over a saved range.

2. Click on the three points that have appeared.

3. Click "Clone Range".

The editor also allows you to copy the preflop chart. What is the difference between copying and cloning? As of the end of December 2022, there are few differences. Cloning looks more convenient because it requires less action. For full coverage, let's try copying our set of hands.

1. Hover the cursor over the existing preflop chart.

2. Click on the three dots.

3. Click on "Copy Range".

4. Click on the "Add Range" button.

5. Name the range "Open Raise MP".

6. Click on the three points of the new set.

7. Select "Paste Range". Do not forget to save the copied spectrum.

You can also add to the application existing spectra from other programs. Let's take Flopzilla and Flopzilla Pro as examples.

How to import a range from Flopzilla and Flopzilla Pro?

Importing sets of hands from the old version of Equity Calculator is easy. Here's how to do it:

1. Select a range of hands in Flopzilla.

2. Click on the small green "Range" button above the matrix of starting hands.

3. You will see a text version of the range in a new window. Highlight the entire set and use the Ctrl+C shortcut.

4. Create an "empty range" as in the very first example.

5. Click on the "Import" button to the right of the matrix.

6. Select "Flopzilla" from the list.

7. In the new window, press Ctrl+V, then press "Import".

The set of hands is imported. All that's left is to save it.

In the updated Flopzilla Pro everything is even simpler:

1. Select the desired chart in the calculator.

2. Copy the text list of hands from the small window under the matrix. Again we use Ctrl+C.

Create an "empty range".

4. Click "Import" to the right of the matrix.

5. Choose "Flopzilla".

6. In the new window click Ctrl+V, then click "Import".

How to use charts during a poker session?

In poker, a perfect knowledge of preflop charts saves time. Online poker is not like classic chess, so players have limited time to make a decision. It is especially critical to remember all the rosters for multi-tablers. They can't waste time remembering charts. However, the benefit of being able to peek cannot be denied. That's exactly what the "Viewer" tab in FreeBetRange offers.

In the latest update, the developer has added the ability to create colors for the matrix

Let's look how the tab works using the charts of the open raise as an example. The function is very simple - there is a matrix of starting hands and switch buttons on one screen. During the game we click on the corresponding position and the set of starting hands changes. No long loading and switching tabs. The app is also useful offline - a couple of clicks on the smartphone and we remember what to play and what to fold.

A few years ago many rooms banned the use of charts during the playing session. The special software for the output of the ranges also fell under the restriction. The developers of Flopzilla and other programs had to make a special mechanism that closes the software when you run a poker client. Rooms cannot forbid to use the browser, so it is safe and non-punishable to use FreeBetRange.

How to train ranges in FreeBetRange?

The "Trainer" tab is responsible for ranges training. It will help you memorize the ranges. To start training, go to the trainer and click on "New Training". In the new window, give the training session a name. An important caveat - you can train only if you have all your preflop charts in the editor in a common folder. At the time of writing my review, the training does not start, because I have created ranges without belonging to a specific folder. Click on the button "Save", then on "R1st Training" and the training starts.

Training is completed when we have practiced all of the groups we added before the class. Do not practice all the sets at once, or the process will take too long

The training itself is very simple: we have to correctly fill the preflop chart of the corresponding position. To the right of the matrix there is a small hint with weights, if some hands we do not play the same 100% of the time. Let's say we are asked for a set of hands to open from CO and we fill in the matrix from memory. When everything is ready, we click on "Check" and find out how well we remembered the preflop chart. FreeBet Range shows the percentage of correct hands. Mistakes are indicated with red dots right on the matrix.

The software supports 5 languages: English, Russian, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese

At the end of training we press the "Finish" button. The software takes us to the tab with the results. Each result is stored in the memory of the application, indicate the time of training and the percentage of correct answers. Due to this, users will be able to track progress from the training in the preflop poker trainer.

In the January 11, 2023 update, they added the classic ranges training to the application. In it you are dealt two cards and you choose the right decision. Which action you're offered depends on the range you're practicing. Most often they give you the choice between a raise and a fold.

Classic training in the application

In mixed sets of the hands we choose between 3 options

You can specifically train a set of hands from a particular position or turn them on automatic rotation. Developers also left players the first version of training, where players specified the entire range on the matrix.

How to get the PRO version of FreeBetRange for free?

FreeBetRange provides a one month free trial version of PRO. To get it you need:

1. Create an account.

2. Click on PRO next to the "man" icon in the upper right corner.

3. In the new window activate the free PRO version.

From now on, you will have a monthly PRO subscription. All functions work there, except the configuration export. At the end of the subscription your preflop charts will not disappear, but you will not be able to edit or train sets of hands, where you used more than 2 colors or involved frequencies.

What is the difference between free and PRO version?

Besides free trial subscription FreeBetRange has a standard version. It is free on a permanent basis, but has a number of limitations. It doesn’t have:

  • Advanced Editor. Fewer colors are available and there is limited work with weight.
  • Customizable Viewer mode.
  • Advanced import. Preflop charts can not be loaded into the application from all programs.
  • Export configurations. By "configuration" we mean the ability to download all sets of hands in one file.
  • Private discord channel. PRO owners have a direct channel of communication with the developer. Users of the standard version have no access there.

How to contact the developer?

The developer of FreeBetRange actively listens to users and improves his product. It is available:

Your feedback and suggestions will help FreeBetRange to become better.

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