Deepsolver is the most powerful tool for learning GTO and exploitative poker strategies
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Deepsolver is the fastest and most customizable solver working directly in your browser. Deepsolver solves postflop situations in heads-up pots in No-Limit Holdem. Future updates will expand the solver's capabilities to multipots and other types of poker (Pot-Limit Omaha and Short Deck).

The app reduces the calculation time to a few seconds, making it the fastest solver in the world. Combined with the real-time GTO Trainer, Deepsolver offers unprecedented speed and convenience. The use of cloud computing and neural networks allows you to learn a balanced strategy anywhere, anytime. Powerful and expensive hardware, complicated settings, special maintenance - none of this is necessary.

Deepsolver has a free 7-day trial. To start using it, go to the product website and register an account or log in with your Google or Discord account.

The benefits of Deepsolver:

  • Speed. The neural network has reduced calculations from hours to minutes or even seconds. The application combines the traditional CFR algorithm and modern neural network technology for the sake of unprecedented calculation speed.
  • Universal GTO Trainer. In training mode, you can determine board cards, pot size, stack depth and simulate any situation to your liking. High performance requires no separate servers or other expensive equipment.
  • Hand Locking. Many solvers offer off-the-shelf solution libraries where the user is limited to tweaking his situation. Deepsolver allows you to move from abstract pots with the average opponent to a specific situation against real opponents. This is achieved by blocking hands on the decision tree.
  • Advanced Analytics. Learn to win quickly and easily with solver modules. They present the results of analysis in a simple, clear and visual form. The developer maintains feedback from users and introduces new features based on their requests.
  • Multitasking. All decisions and customer actions are stored in the solver's memory, allowing you to return to them at any time with new data or an alternative view of the situation. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to switch between tabs in the application.
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What is GTO?

GTO stands for Game Theory Optimal or Optimal Game Theory. Any poker situation can have many variations of the lines. Even within the same street. With so many possible actions, there is no unequivocal right or wrong decision. The whole point of GTO strategy boils down to the fact that your opponent's decisions do not matter in the long distance.

GTO assumes that you will maintain an optimal balance between aggression, bluffing, checking, playing the nuts so that the best result against you can be zero. That is, with a perfect game on the part of the opponent, he will, at best, play 0 against you at a long distance. You will be able to balance between positive EV and tricky use of your playing range against regulars, making your game invulnerable to exploitation.

Does Deepsolver have a trial version?

Deepsolver works in browser, so you do not need to download and install anything. Deepsolver has a free 7-day trial. To start using it, go to the product website and register an account or log in with your Google or Discord account.

What formats are there solutions for?

Deepsolver offers solutions for HU pots of NL Holdem. Supports cash game, tournaments and Sit&Go. Future plans are to add tools for multipots and other types of poker. Among them are PLO and Short Deck.

System Requirements for Deepsolver

The application works in the browser, so you do not need a powerful computer. Deepsolver can also be used on mobile devices.

What languages does the solver supports?

Deepsolver is available in English, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Thai and Italian.

How does the Smart Tree works?

The feature offers two bet sizes for a particular board, which give the highest EV at different stack depths and different ranges. The software calculates several stacks and ranges on the selected board and shows the best betting sizes in terms of EV. The smart tree will not always show the absolute best option in a particular situation, but it will suggest a good average size.

Can you use Deepsolver while playing?

You can't. The developer is categorically against using solver tools during sessions. Moreover - all suspicious actions are parsed and analyzed by the developer. If it is found that the client used Deepsolver during the game, his account will be closed.

Feedback from developers

If you have any questions about Deepsolver, please write to the discord or e-mail [email protected].

How can I pay for Deepsolver?

You can pay for Deepsolver with WebMoney, Skrill, Qiwi, Neteller, Yandex Money, PayPal, Visa / Master Card, other payment systems, try Deepsolver for free and get a discount on your next purchase, as well as take part in the discussion on our forum.

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