Starlive (Hive, Planetwin365) Converter

Starlive (Hive, Planetwin365) Converter

Converter for Starlive poker network (Hive, Planetwin365). It makes possible to use Holdem Manager 2,3\Poker Tracker 4\Hand2Note at the tables without restrictions.
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Starlive (Hive, Planetwin365) Converter is a poker program that allows you to maximize the expected value at the poker tables of the Hive\Planetwin365 network using statistical indicators and the HUD of your Poker Tracker 4, Hand2Note and Holdem Manager 2. At the time when some poker rooms and networks headed for enabling players to use poker software at the tables, Hive network has a different policy and encourages the use of trackers. The only problem is that the format of the hand history saved by the clients of the Hive\Planetwin365 poker rooms is not readable by the tracking software.

You can download the converter from the official website.

Starlive (Hive, Planetwin365) Converter is designed to solve this problem and give you an edge over a field that does not have an array of useful data generated by programs for collecting statistics. The converter automatically converts the hand history of Hive\Planetwin365 into a digestible for recognition type for Poker Tracker 4, Holdem Manager 3, Hand2Note. In this way, you will always be one step ahead of blind opponents.

3 days free trial version is available. You need to contact a PokerEnergy representative via any convenient communication channel indicated in the “Contacts” section of our portal.

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Why do I need a converter if Poker Tracker 4 or Holdem Manager 2 in other networks or rooms work without them?

The need for a separate converter is caused by a special hand history format in which Hive\Planetwin365 poker rooms save hands. This format is different from Pokerstars\888 and other networks where trackers work without additional tools. If you do not use Starlive (Hive, Planetwin365) Converter, then the statistics and HUD Poker Tracker 4\Holdem Manager 2 will not be displayed at the tables.

Does the converter have a trial period?

Yes, 3 days trial version available. You need to contact a PokerEnergy representative via any convenient communication channel indicated in the “Contacts” section of our portal.

How to install Starlive (Hive, Planetwin365) Converter correctly?

  • Download the program from the developer's site;
  • Run the downloaded file and follow the instructions of the installation wizard;
  • When the installation is completed, the Starlive Converter shortcut appears on your desktop.

How to get a license and register Starlive (Hive, Planetwin365) Converter?

After the first launch of the converter, you will open a small window containing two fields: “Hardware ID” and “Key”. Copy the information from the “Hardware ID” and send it to us along with your email (to create an account). After payment you will be sent a password that you need to enter in the "Key" field and click "Confirm".

Settings of the client room for correct operation of Starlive (Hive, Planetwin365) Converter

It is recommended to use English in the poker room client for proper operation of the converter. Run the client as administrator.

Converted Hands Folder Settings

Click on the "..." button next to the "Hand history folder" field and specify the folder in which the hands received from the poker room are saved. In no case do not create a folder with hands from the Converter in the folder with the history of hands that came directly from the room. After selecting the “Hand history folder” you will be asked to specify a folder (“Export to”) where the already converted hands will be located.

PT4 \ HM2 settings for Starlive (Hive, Planetwin365) Converter to work

Holdem Manager 2: launch HM2, click the “Home” tab, then “Site setup”. From the list of poker rooms, select Pokerstars, click on the green plus just below the window with the addresses of folders and specify the folder where the converter imports already converted hands.
Poker Tracker 4: launch PT4, click consistently on the “Play poker” - “Pokerstars” - “Configure” (all are on the same tab, on the left side). In the newly opened window, select “Site Configuration”, again select “Pokerstars” and specify the path where the converter imports the already converted hands.

Solving the problem with the accumulated hands in Starlive (Hive, Planetwin365) Converter

With some frequency you will have to clean the Converter. Otherwise, the program speed and HUD output during a session slows down. The hands themselves will not suffer, as they have already been imported into the database of your tracker. The process of cleaning the base of the Converter is to click the button “Clear old”.

Does the Converter support other disciplines and types of poker?

You can talk about incomplete support. It recognizes hands, but due to insufficient information in the hand history files, it fills in the spaces with random values. This causes difficulties when playing in MTT/SnG or Omaha and it is worth using this information very carefully.

How can I pay Starlive (Hive, Planetwin365) Converter?

You can buy an annual license for Starlive (Hive, Planetwin365) Converter for WebMoney, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, other payment systems, try Starlive (Hive, Planetwin365) Converter for free and get a discount on your next purchase.

Manual for Starlive Converter

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