Poker Calculator Pro (1 year license)

Poker Calculator Pro (1 year license)


Tips for action during the game do not work on Pokerstars and FullTilt! 

Poker Calculator Pro is a useful program that will help you increase your win rate. The essence of this software is that it displays the pot odds, outs, approximate chance to win, and even some other statistics. Based on the received information, the program offers an action that is best to make at this time. All calculations are made ​​in real time and immediately displayed at the tables by HUD.

Among the additional features I want to highlight a record of information on opponents: if familiar player sits on your table, you will already know about him quite a lot. In addition there is a auto - rate system, so you can better distinguish between sharks and fish. Of course, all the output parameters is configurable, so if you are not satisfied with the default settings, you can always customize them for yourself.

Limit and No Limit Holdem are supported, both cash games and tournaments. When you open a new table, the program immediately detects it and starts to show the statistics. At the same time you can play up to fifteen tables.

When purchasing  you will get one year of free updates. You can use the license on multiple computers. Before you buy the program, you can try  Poker Calculator Pro for seven days for free.

Also want to draw your attention to the fact that some sites, including PokerStars and FullTiltPoker, do not welcome autocompletion actions during the game, so if you use Poker Calculator Pro on these sites - you are doing it on your own risk. Carefully read your poker room rules before you use any software.


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