Odds Oracle Pro

Odds Oracle Pro

Odds Oracle - advanced poker calculator.

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Odds Oracle will answer all the questions about the chances of winning, displaying the results in a sequence from the very simple to the very complex. Available for Windows, Mac, as well as for Linux. Odds Oracle, also called "a serious tool for serious players" is a must for anyone who wants to use the model of Independent Chip Model (ICM) for its own calculations and offers a variety of ways to measure equity for any situation.

Odds Oracle features description

Odds Oracle covers the entire range of your needs for simple and advanced calculations using the ICM model and provides a wide range of features that can improve the results of any Sit and Go tournament.

Odds Oracle have a set of tools:

  • All-In Equity Calculations,
  • Equity Graphs,
  • Advanced Range of Hands Syntax,
  • Range Explorer,
  • Ask the Oracle Generator,
  • Reverse Equity Tool,
  • Shove Equity Tool,
  • PQL Interpreter (PQL query tool),
  • Hand History Importer,
  • Saved Custom Ranges (stored ranges), and more. 

The program also supports the following types of poker: Texas Hold'em, Omaha High, Omaha High / Low, Seven Card Stud High, Seven Card Stud High / Low, Five Card Omaha High, and Five Card Omaha High / Low.

Thanks to Odds Oracle you will have more time to learn and improve, your winrate will increase rapidly. For players who never hear about ICM calculations, the program uses the usual input fields. You can enter information about your current hand, the range of your opponent, the amount of the blinds in the pot and your opponent's calling range to calculate the exact equity in the hand . Of course, you have to manually come up with a hypothetical range of your opponent, but everything else Odds Oracle will do.

Also there is attached calculator  for counting all-in equity. It is quite easy to use. Odds Oracle will run on your desktop and will not disrupt any of your games or other applications that can be run simultaneously.

Advanced users will be pleased to hear that the Odds Oracle has built in query processor PQL Interpreter and a command line PQL interface. Another nice feature is the importer of hand histories - Hand History Importer (compatible with PokerStars and Merge Gaming Network), which allows you to import hand histories from a particular event (or tournaments) with one click.

Interface of the Odds Oracle

Interface of software is simple, all functions can be found in a convenient drop-down menu. There are two main tabs: «Simulator (simulator)» and «PQL Interpreter ( PQL query processor)», as well as several tools: Range Explorer (analyze ranges), Playable Hands (Reverse Equity Tool - reverse equity), Shove Equity (equity in push-or-fold), Saved Ranges / Macros (stored ranges / macros) and Hand History Importer (HH importer).

Odds Oracle Summary

In conclusion, we can say that the program Odds Oracle is great software, which can fit beginning player as well as expert, and advanced users will be given an infinite number of options and simulations to customize on your own.

You can buy Odds Oracle with Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, WebMoney, Yandex Money, Qiwi, Visa/Master Card and other payment systems from us, try Odds Oracle for free and get a discount on the next purchase.

To request a free trial version of Odds Oracle, follow this link: get Odds Oracle for free

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Necessary to improve skill outside the poker tables

Does the Odds Oracle have a free trial version?

Yes, a trial version is available upon request. Download Odds Oracle for free.

Installation and Setup

For detailed installation and basic setup instructions for the program, see here.

Delivery time

Up to 24 hours, but on average 1-2 hours.

Delivery method

The license key is sent to the email from the developer.

Can I use the same license on multiple computers?

Yes. But you can’t use one license on several computers at the same time.

How can I pay for the Odds Oracle?

You can buy Odds Oracle by Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, WebMoney, Yandex Money, Qiwi, Visa/Master Card and other payment systems from us, try Odds Oracle for free and get a discount on the next purchase.

Basics of all-in equity calculations in Odds Oracle
Odds Oracle Range Explorer
Odds Oracle Demo

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