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Recently, almost all significant players among the poker rooms and networks declare the desire to improve poker ecology. Regular players, having heard the phrase “poker ecology”, immediately begin to grind their teeth with displeasure. Understanding them is not difficult, because almost always most of the upcoming changes directly concern professionals and worsen the situation for them, reducing income. The list of negative impact measures is quite extensive, but one of the earliest and most common options for “protecting weak players” is always a ban on using programs to collect and analyze played hands and the HUD built into them.

Among the major networks and rooms, Partypoker was the last to sign off, banning the use of trackers and HUD. Initially, the same policy is followed by the GGNetwork network, which occupies one of the leading places in poker cash game traffic. Of the top 15 poker rooms such restrictions have long been established in the Unibet Poker and Microgaming Poker Network. While there are no visible prerequisites for revising the current negative trend - poker software will continue to be persecuted and restricted.

Converter + small rooms - a good alternative to monopolists

No one likes when their rights and opportunities are limited. Especially when it reduces profits. Many players, not wanting to put up with the perfidious policy of large poker rooms and networks, are exploring alternative options. They are looking for places where they will be able not only to avoid pressure from large poker rooms, but also to preserve (and even increase) their profit and win rate. An interesting solution seems to be small, local poker rooms. There is a much weaker pool, the number of regulars is reduced to a minimum, and those that still exist show a very modest level of poker skill.

The main problem stopping players from moving into the alluring sweet fields of small rooms is the inability to use their Holdem Manager 2\Poker Tracker 4. The format of the hand history in which the played hands are saved differs from the usual for the poker giants like Pokerstars or 888Poker. This is where the Converters come to the rescue!

Poker Converter is a special program that converts hand history into a format that is understandable for a poker tracker. Thanks to the Converter, you can display HUD online during the gaming session and exploit all the poker leaks of very weak opponents. The prospect of winning 15-20bb\100 using Converter and tracker instead of the routine 5-7bb\100 on Pokerstars\Partypoker - looks tempting. As long as hard-nosed regulars tolerate constant disregard of the monopolists of the industry, you quietly make big money, with much less effort.

What poker converters are presented at PokerEnergy?

The range of poker converters available is incredibly wide:

Aconcagua Converter - for poker network Aconcagua Poker;
Chico Converter - for the Chico Poker Network;
Europe-Bet Converter - for the Europe-Bet poker room;
TonyBet Converter - for the TonyBet poker room;
FulPot Converter - for the FulPot Poker poker room;
People's Converter - for the poker network People's Poker;
KlasPoker Converter - for the poker network PokerKlas Gaming Network;
RAP Converter - for the poker network Red Argentina de Poker;
RoyalDiamond Converter - for the poker room RoyalDiamond;
SpartanPoker Converter - for the Spartan Poker poker room;
Starlive Converter - for poker networks Hive and Planetwin365;
PokerDom Converter - for the poker network PokerDom.

Also we have Converter for the most popular Asian poker room - PokerMaster.

A useful addition for any user will be a detailed section "Questions and Answers", designed to make the process of installing, configuring and operating converters as fast and comfortable as possible. There is also a typical video instruction with an example of installing Chico Converter. Please note that we have a special loyalty program that allows buyers to benefit even more from each purchase. For example, by purchasing Chico Converter and Holdem Manger 2 from us, you can get mining for the Chico Poker Network for free (only through Energy Points loyalty points). Moreover, only here you can try any poker Converter for free and make an informed decision without worrying about the money spent. Write to our representative right now in any convenient way and in a few moments make money in new and unexplored pool full of weak opponents!