Holdem Indicator

Please write in ID of your program in the payment note. Download Holdem Indicator and install it on your computer. You will find your ID in the menu. The developer of the program will send you a license key on email. Usually it takes 1 hour. *

What features Holdem Indicator have?

Holdem Indicator can make instant odds calculation, show real-time statistics on opponents, and bet templates, all in a pleasant and easy-to-understand interface. Using this multi poker calculator, you will instantly get all the information to make intelligent, and most importantly profitable decisions.

  • Instant calculation of the current hand, pot odds, outs, and players positions table. Displaying EV (expected profit) and “Sklansky group” of the hand. Easy to use HUD.

  • Player statistics will help you better determine the playing styles of your opponents. You can run Holdem Indicator while watching any poker table, so you get the most important information on opponents without spending a cent. No other poker calculator on the market has this feature.

  • During the game, Holdem Indicator distributes your opponents by category (Loose / Tight, Aggressive / Passive, Balanced / Spewer) that will help you find the "Fish", intimidate "Tight" and exploit "Maniac". In addition, Holdem Indicator collects statistics on your game, so you can know what kind of image you have at the table.

  • Mini-view mode is very useful for space-saving when multi-tabling, but even at small sizes of the windows output of information is the same.

  • Discarded hands of opponents displaying immediately after showdown. You no longer have to constantly open the hand history for information about opponents hand.

  • Warning about best possible hand allow you to focus on the most profitable way to play your hands.

* On weekends and public holidays it may take up to 24 hours.

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