Tournament Indicator

Tournament Indicator


Please write in ID of your program in the payment note. Download Tournament Indicator and install it on your computer. You will find your ID in the menu. The developer of the program will send you a license key on email. Usually it takes 1 hour. *

Tournament Indicator features:

  • Calculates the M number for you and your opponents. Since the M number for tournament player defines strategy of the game, its very important to see it. Now, even while multitabling, you will see this stat for each table and change the game in accordance with it.

  • Displays players statistics. How often your opponent put money in the pot, raise, calls, win at showdown. Such information is very important in making decisions during the tournament.

  • Tilt control. Based on previous statistics and the hands played in the current tournament, the software calculates the probability that your opponent is on tilt.

  • Shows all in potential for all hands. Based on your tournament standings and on many other criteria, the program will show the all-in value of hands. Now you don't need to guess. The program will calculate when to push and when you must wait.

  • Displays pot odds.

So, Tournament Indicator  is perhaps one of the most useful tools for tournament players.

Free trial period of 7 days.

* On weekends and public holidays it may take up to 24 hours.

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