Hand2Note PokerMaster HUD

Hand2Note PokerMaster HUD


Hand2Note PokerMaster HUD is a special HUD for playing in Chinese poker rooms.

You can buy Hand2Note PokerMaster HUD by Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, WebMoney, Yandex Money, Qiwi, Visa/Master Card and other payment systems from us and get a discount on the next purchase.

Pro.Tools – collection includes of 9 HUDs for 6/9max and HU tables. Depending on the composition and number of statistics, you can choose the HUD, which is best suited for your type of game.

List of HUDs in the Pro.Tools package

  • Description of HUDs: Description (ENG) / Description (RUS)
  • Description of HUD (ADV v1) (HUD with 3 level of stats): Description (ENG) / Description (RUS)
  • Description of HUD (ADV v2) (HUD with 3 level of stats): Description (ENG) / Description (RUS)
  • Description of HUD (ADV v3) (HUD with TABs): Description (ENG) / Description (RUS)
  • Description of HUD (ADV v3.1) (HUD with TABs): Description (ENG) / Description (RUS)
  • Description of HUD (ADV v4) (HUD with TABs): Description (ENG) / Description (RUS)
  • Description of BADGES: Description (ENG) / Description (RUS)
  • Types of HUDs in Pro.Tools package
  • Static HUDs: Same HUD for all players at the table, HUD like in HM2 and PT4.
  • Positional* HUDs: Different HUD For players before and after you.
  • Classic positional HUDs for 6/9max tables are available for editing.
  • Positional HUDs for multi-tabling (compact HUD allowing to play on a big number of tables).
  • Position Heads-Up HUD for starting 6/9max tables.
  • Positional HUD with multiple levels of stats: HUDs have different stats for players depending on the number of hands and samples.
  • In HUDe accurate statistics when there are samples, if there are no samples then the player has common statistics.
  • Positional HUD with TABs: HUD can be changed manually depending on the actions on the table.
  • This HUD also has different stats for players depending on the number of hands and samples.
  • Dynamic** HUD with badges: HUD varies depending on the actions on the table.

Badges appear in the HUD, depending on the actions of the players and show preflop and postflop leaks.

By purchasing Pro.Tools you get all the HUDs.

*Positional HUD is legal for all poker rooms
**Dynamic HUD is allowed in Pacific(888), bwin.party, MicroGaming, WinningPoker and iPoker.

This Package will allow to understanding game of your opponents better. With using extended statistics you can often find a more optimal line for valuebets and more opportunities for bluffs.

Package Pro.Tools include ready to use popups for 6 max / 9 max / Heads-Up. Customized convenient popups allow finding quickly demanded information and you will be able to make more often the correct decisions.

For What Hand2Note Pro.Tools?

Package is intended for expansion of your game for exploitation of opponents.
The additional statistics will allow to see better more places where you can use weaknesses of opponents and thanks to what to take additional profit both on a preflop and on a postflop.

For bluff: using high folds on preflop and postflop
For value bets: using lines and that bets when opponents make calls more often.

Action on different board textures, stats of gameplay in different position (SB vs BB, BTN vs Blinds…) and many other things will be available to use thanks to the collection Hand2Note Pro.Tools.

Package composition Hand2Note Pro.Tools
Common PreFlop and PostFlop stats
Positional Preflop stats
Position Postflop (Limp / SRP / 3bet / 4bet)
Statistics vsHero
Statistics HeroStats (how you play against this player)
Game statistics on different textures boards (23 boards group)
Statistics Wins at showdown, frequency of bluffs / valuebets
and others...

Total: ~ 8516 stats
Speed of processing base: ~ 600-1000 hands in seconds (Depending on the size of the database)

Common pop-ups (SRP, 3bet pots, 4bet pots)
Positional pop-ups with PreFlop stats: 1st Raise, CallOpen, 3bet, vs3bet
(All positions: Position vs Position)
Positional pop-ups with PostFlop stat: 1st Raise, CallOpen, 3bet, Call3bet
(All positions: Position vs Position)
Additional pop-ups with PreFlopStats: SQZ, 4bet
Pop-ups with Ranges in graphic form: PFR, Caller, 3bet, Call3bet и др.
and others.

Badges System
Badges for PreFlop
1st Raise, Fold to 3bet, CallOpen, 4bet, Fold 4bet, Fold 5bet
and others

Badges for PostFlop
Single raised pots (SRP), 3bet pots, 4bet pots, Limp pots, Limp/Call Pots, MultiWay pots

Badges for Positional PostFlop

PreFlop, PostFlop

Total: ~950 badges

MultiLevel Positional HUDs (pHUD ADV)
2шт: HUD для 6-9max
Dynamic HUD (dHUD)
1 : HUD with badges for 6max
Positional HUD (pHUD)
4 : HUD for 6-9max
2 : HUD for HU
Static HUD (sHUD)
1 : Common HUD 6max, one HUD for all players
Templates for creating HUDs
3: Positional HUDs 6max, 9max and HU

What is a Positional HUD?

This is a new type of HUD that is available for use with Hand2Note. Different HUD for players who sit before you and after you, so you get to use more stats and HUDs will be compact.
For example: You are sitting on BTN, the player in the position of CO and it can be placed only necessary statistics for a given player's situation, it does not need to duplicate the statistics for other positions.
Positional HUD: simple, convenient, compact, HUDs placed only the necessary stats for the player.






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