Hand2Note Pro.Tools ASIA HUD

Hand2Note Pro.Tools ASIA HUD

Hand2Note Pro.Tools ASIA HUD: Special HUD for playing in Asian poker applications. HUDs and popups for 6-9max and Heads-Up.
from 49.99$

Hand2Note Pro.Tools ASIA HUD is designed to play in Chinese poker rooms (applications). It is designed to expand the capabilities of your game to exploit opponents. It includes static, positional, dynamic HUDs for 6-9max tables and HU; Pop-ups (including those with graphic display of postflop ranges) and badges.

Additional statistics will allow you to see more places where you can use the weaknesses of your opponents and thereby earn extra profit both pre-flop and post-flop.
For bluffs: using high folds preflop and postflop;
For valuebets: the use of lines and precisely those bet sizes that opponents often call.

Statistics on betsizing, actions on various board textures, game statistics in different positions (SB vs BB, BTN vs Blinds ...) and much more will be available for use thanks to the Hand2Note Pro.Tools ASIA HUD collection. The efficiency of using statistics from your Hand2Note will increase many times over due to the huge array of competently combined data in the collection.

It is possible to test the pack for free for 20 days. Detailed information on how to do this is on the official website.

How to get a discount on the Hand2Note?

10% discount on the first purchase: available if this is your first Hand2Note paid subscription. To get a discount, you need to go to the website Han2Note, select the desired subscription and enter H2N10NU in the "promotional code" field. The discount will be calculated automatically, you will see it immediately after entering the promotional code.

Basic version of Hand2Note is free. Download.

Types of HUDs in Pro.Tools package

Static HUDs: Same HUD for all players at the table, HUD like in HM2 and PT4.
Positional HUDs: Different HUD For players before and after you.
Classic positional HUDs for 6/9max tables are available for editing.
Positional HUDs for multi-tabling (compact HUD allowing to play on a big number of tables).
Position Heads-Up HUD for starting 6/9max tables.

Positional HUD with multiple levels of stats: HUDs have different stats for players depending on the number of hands and samples.
In HUDe accurate statistics when there are samples, if there are no samples then the player has common statistics.

Positional HUD with TABs: HUD can be changed manually depending on the actions on the table. This HUD also has different stats for players depending on the number of hands and samples.

Dynamic HUD with badges: HUD varies depending on the actions on the table.
Badges appear in the HUD, depending on the actions of the players and show preflop and postflop leaks.

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Install and configure Hand2Note Pro.Tools

  1. After payment, confirmation on creation of the license of Pro.Tools will come to your e-mai
    further in your Account in the section Downloads you will have to download the installer.
  2. After downloaded, open the file and install Pro.Tools in the folder of Hand2Note.
  3. Select the path where you installed Hand2Note.
  4. Run Hand2Note after installation.

Installation and configuration instructions for Hand2Note Pro.Tools with screenshots are here. In case of any problems with installation, configuration or other questions about Hand2Note Pro. Tools, you can contact the developer directly:

Does the collection have a free trial version (trial period)?

Yes, upon request, it is possible to test the pack for free for 20 days. You need to contact a PokerEnergy representative via any convenient communication channel specified in the "Contact Us" section of our portal.

What is a Positional HUD?

This is a new type of HUD that is available for use with Hand2Note. Different HUD for players who sit before you and after you, so you get to use more stats and HUDs will be compact.

For example: You are sitting on BTN, the player in the position of CO and it can be placed only necessary statistics for a given player's situation, it does not need to duplicate the statistics for other positions.
Positional HUD: simple, convenient, compact, HUDs placed only the necessary stats for the player.

What is a Dynamic HUD?

This type of HUD is also available for use with Hand2Note.
HUD combines the functions of the position HUD, and also, it can automatically change depending of the actions at the table.

For example: You sit on the BTN, player on the CO makes the 1st Raise and the HUD automatically displays a block with the necessary statistics for this action with preflop and postflop statistics.
Dynamic HUD: a convenient view of HUD, which allows you to get more information on players without using pop-ups, because all the information with statistics appears at the table.

What is Dynamic Stats?

When creating a HUD the main idea was to make HUD with statistics that can be used and HUD should have stats on which there are sample and stats in the HUD should be different for players when there are few hands and when there is a large sample of situations.

In the HUD of Pro.Tools package there are dynamic stats, which are automatically changes to more detailed stats if there are enough samples.
And you can also use them in your HUDe like any other statistics.

The simplest example of a Dynamic Stat:
Fold STRADDLE vs BTN, if there are no samples for this Statistic, then this Statistic automatically changes to Fold STRADDLE vs BTN+CO.

This is convenient for use during the game, because allows to have general statistics that can be used in case of insufficient samples,
or use accurate statistics when the player accumulates the necessary samples.

What stats are included with Hand2Note Pro.Tools?

  • Common PreFlop and PostFlop stats;
  • Positional Preflop stats;
  • Position Postflop (Limp / SRP / 3bet / 4bet);
  • Statistics vs Hero;
  • Statistics HeroStats (how you play against this player);
  • Game statistics on different textures boards (23 boards group);
  • Statistics Wins at showdown, frequency of bluffs/valuebets;
  • Total: ~ 8516 stats;
  • Speed of processing base: ~ 600-1000 hands in seconds (Depending on the size of the database).

What Popups are included in Hand2Note Pro.Tools?

  • Common pop-ups (SRP, 3bet pots, 4bet pots);
  • Positional pop-ups with PreFlop stats: 1st Raise, CallOpen, 3bet, vs3bet (All positions: Position vs Position);
  • Positional pop-ups with PostFlop stat: 1st Raise, CallOpen, 3bet, Call3bet (All positions: Position vs Position);
  • Additional pop-ups with PreFlopStats: SQZ, 4bet;
  • Pop-ups with Ranges in graphic form: PFR, Caller, 3bet, Call3bet.

What does the badge system look like?

Badges for PreFlop: 1st Raise, Fold to 3bet, CallOpen, 4bet, Fold 4bet, Fold 5bet
and others.

Badges for PostFlop: Single raised pots (SRP), 3bet pots, 4bet pots, Limp pots, Limp/Call Pots, MultiWay pots.

Badges for Positional PostFlop: BBvsBTN, SBvsBTN, SBvsBB.

BetSizes: PreFlop, PostFlop.

Total: ~950 badges.

Delivery time

In most cases - 2-3 hours. On weekends and in exceptional situations, the period may increase to 24 hours.

How can I pay for Hand2Note Pro.Tools?

You can buy Hand2Note Pro.Tools ASIA HUD with Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, WebMoney, Yandex Money, Qiwi, Visa/Master Card and other payment systems from us, try Hand2Note Pro.Tools ASIA HUD for free and get a discount on the next purchase.

Hand2Note Pro.Tools HUD for PokerMaster
Hand2Note Pro.Tools HUD for PokerMaster (DYNAMIC HUD)

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