Where to get the trial for Hand2Note?


Flopzilla and the poker tracker are a must-have software for the beginner. Any qualified trainer or experienced player will tell you that. While a calculator costs $25 and is affordable even for a player with NL2, the software to collect statistics will cost considerably more. Paying $100 or more for a program you have never used before is too wasteful. That's why the developers offer to try their product for free.

Is there any trial for Hand2Note poker tracker?

Many players mistakenly believe that Hand2Note does not have a free trial. This is because the developers of the tracker made the basic version free on a permanent basis in autumn 2019. This version of Hand2Note displays basic statistics and a HUD, but doesn't support advanced features like a dynamic HUD or Range Research.

Actually Hand2N has a free 30 days trial. It activates automatically the first time you start the tracker. During all 30 days in the trial the following features are available: positional and dynamic HUD, advanced popup for each statistic, Decision Analysis. There is a separate trial for playing Asian mobile applications. It runs automatically after opening any supported application. The Asian trial runs for free for 14 days.

After 30 days, H2N will switch to a basic subscription. You can download the trial for Hand2Note poker tracker from the official developer website.

What makes Hand2Note better than other trackers?

The possibility to use statistics and HUD for free although it is a basic version is the strongest argument in Hand2Note's favour. Other software does not offer such conditions. Holdem Manager 3 gives a 15-day free trial. When the trial period expires, the software stops working. The trial at Poker Tracker 4 runs for 14 days, and at the end it also disables statistics with HUD. The free version of DriveHUD 2 runs for 30 days.

Many players have accumulated a database of millions of hands over the course of their poker careers. This will not be a problem for H2N

Taking care of beginners is far from the only reason in favor of H2N. An experienced professional will cite a dozen advantages of H2N. Let's highlight the main ones:

  • Speed. The program processes up to 3,000 hands per second. Hand2Note imports a database of 1,000,000 hands in less than 10 minutes. Competitors take an hour.
  • Visualisation of statistics. A huge stream of numbers is very useful, but only if the player knows how to interpret them. The visibility provided by H2N with charts, diagrams and graphs for each statistic helps to understand the stats.
  • Dynamic and positional HUD. While your competitors are displaying static data, HUD shows you the actual information you need right now. For example, an opponent 3-bets us and H2N shows his 3-bet range, 4-bet rate and other relevant statistics. With dynamic HUD there is no need to search for necessary stats in the depths of popups - all relevant information is before your eyes.
  • Range Research. Many professionals dream of having generalised findings across the entire field of a particular poker room. This would make it easier to transition and adapt in a new location. Hand2Note has solved the problem - Range Research analyses the database and provides a number of useful insights. For example, you can know exactly what regulars on average don the turn or what hands the phish are overbetting on the river.

With Range Research you don't have to get used to the dynamics of the new room

Hand2Note has many advantages, we've listed just the most obvious ones.

How is Hand2Note inferior to other trackers?

Hand2Note is ahead of its rivals in software development. But it's not cheap to develop and maintain it. That is why the tracker costs more and is distributed on subscription basis. The cheapest subscription costs $30 a month. An annual subscription makes it cheaper, but still costs $238.8. PokerTracker 4 asks $100 for a lifetime license, a similar price tag to Holdem Manager. The difference is tangible.

If you're signing up for your first paid subscription to Hand2Note, the tracker can be made a little cheaper. On H2N website, choose a subscription and mention promo code H2N10NU. The promo code will give you a 10% discount. The discount will be calculated automatically and you will see it as soon as you specify the promo code.

A less significant but annoying point is that Hand2Note only works on Windows. There is no MacOS version. You can run H2N on Apple devices, but you will not find either solution handy. The PT4 supports both Windows and MacOS. They were going to add support for Apple devices to the new version of H2N, but it has not been released yet since the moment it was announced.

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