Simple Preflop Holdem is now available!


A few years ago, the abbreviation "GTO" made you twist your finger at the temple or twist your face in bewilderment. A balanced game was something purely theoretical. No, somewhere, unconsciously, anyone interested in poker knew that it would be nice to play so that your rivals at the table could not answer the question: “is he bluffing in me now or betting for value?”. But nobody knew how to learn the complex skill to balance their game. Then there was a breakthrough, which we will discuss below.

GTO calculators or solvers have become a breakthrough tool that made it possible to put into practice a theoretical concept. Simple Postflop, GTO+, Simple GTO Trainer - these poker programs have radically changed our favorite game. Now, ABC-poker was not enough to grow up (starting somewhere from NL50). Poker solvers became more and more perfect every year. The number of strong professional players who understood the “optimal game” was also growing. A small remark - what distinguishes a good poker player from a huge number of mediocrity?

A characteristic feature of the best specialists in any industry is the desire for new knowledge. In this sense, the poker industry is absolutely identical to any occupation. A poker player who is constantly learning and improving himself will always be one step ahead of the rest. Play better than the pool, be higher than rivals, earn more money. That is why the calculation of poker software developers turned out to be correct. And a new product was created that could bring your level of play to a higher level.

The result of the activities of the best developers of GTO-calculators was Simple Preflop Holdem. The logic is simple - thorough knowledge of the postflop is good, but knowledge of the preflop game along with the high skill of playing the postflop is much better.
Simple Preflop Holdem is a poker calculator that can analyze your preflop and calculate the optimal strategy against a given number of opponents.

Features of the Simple Preflop Holdem:

  • Performing of local preflop calculations for different poker disciplines. Calculation could be done for ChipEV or ICM models, also taking in a count rake.
  • Strategy, EV and equity are displayed for every hand per any action on the preflop. The program includes a set of different representations of solutions, which allows for a comprehensive and qualitative analysis of the solutions obtained. Sets of metrics in the reports characterize the parameters of decisions, and also serve as valuable sources of information for analyzing the solution.
  • No limit on the computing power usage. The program can use all processor threads available from the OS for maximum parallelization of computations and faster calculation.
  • The use of abstractions in calculations. To calculate preflop strategies, postflop abstractions are used, so the calculation is simplified and the required amount of RAM is reduced. The level of abstraction can be selected.
  • MacOS case. The user should note that the program is not supported by the operating system MacOS. The solution in this case can be the use of virtualization programs - Parallels or Bootcamp. If you use Bootcamp, Windows will be started on the machine as the main system, and the user will not be able to use MacOS and Windows at the same time. Parallels allows you to use both systems simultaneously. In this case, a virtual machine is created, where Windows is already installed.

On the official website of the developer Simple Preflop Holdem you can download a version that allows you to perform mathematical calculations absolutely free of charge and without restrictions on the terms of operation.