Poker Pro Labs launches Holdem Profiler


Holdem Profiler

The need for information at the poker table is one of the key ingredients for success, whether you are an amateur or a professional. Get to know Holdem Profiler, a new online poker tool that will help you store, analyze and improve your play. It is a web application that you do not need to download and install with absolutely free registration. The first 10,000 hands can be analyzed for free. Then, if you decide to purchase Hold'em Profiler, the price of the initial package is $ 2.

Since this application works remotely over the Internet, you will not have any problems with managing databases, backing up your hand histories or accessing your statistics from other computers. Holdem Profiler's creator, Poker Pro Labs, guarantees the safety of personal information. The security policy is published on the program website.

The program will automatically import tournament results, you do not need to enter them manually. Hold'em Profiler will also automatically add your scores, a big step up from other hand history software currently available. Cash games and tournaments are supported, whether they are multi-table, sit and play or head to head tournaments. The add-on can automatically upload hand histories to the server from your computer while playing. Holdem Profiler currently works with PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and the iPoker Network (Titan Poker).

Registration will take less than half a minute, you only need to provide your email address. After registration is complete, you can upload your hand history to the server or start an automatic download while playing. As already mentioned, all newbies get a free opportunity to upload 10,000 hands to the server, with no time limit.

Uploading a file to the server is very simple, the user just needs to click the “Upload Files” link and then specify the required file. Then you need to click “Upload”, and the program will display the upload status bar. When the download is complete, a new line “Processing Data” will appear, showing how many hands have been processed and placed in the database. When the processing of the hand history is completed, the program is ready to work - the hand history is in the system, you can start working with reports.

Holdem Profiler knows how to work with any statistics needed to analyze your progress in the online poker world. You can get statistics with the overall results of your game, see the results of any session, check your game in various positions, sort the results by limits or cards, find out how successfully you played with one or another opponent.