We added a new group of HUDs for Hand2Note


The popularity of Hand2Note is constantly growing. The statements about the imminent occupation of a dominant position in the market have long looked not just bold words, but a realistic forecast. No poker software developer reacts so quickly to any changes from the poker rooms. The last pleasant action on the part of the creators of Hand2Note is to make it free for all limits. Even in the most basic configuration. Therefore, PokerEnergy is traditionally keeps up with the times and offers you a new set of HUD and statistics packs specifically for H2N.
The list of added HUDs consists of:

  • Dynamic HUD - quickly switches statistics depending on the situation at the table: positions of players, cards on the board, previous action;
  • Adaptive HUD - makes it possible to simultaneously play on several poker rooms at the same time (multirooming), displaying respectively the dynamic (where allowed) and positional (where you cannot use dynamic) HUD;
  • Shaolin HUD - specially adapted for playing in Asian poker applications;
  • New Simple HUD - a convenient and simple pack with statistics, which is devoid of sophisticated pop-ups and redundant information;
  • GT-HUD for 6+ Holdem - for playing poker with a short deck;
  • MTT-SNG Pack - HUD and pop-ups, developed in collaboration with the best players MTT and Spin&Go. Adapted to maximize value in tournament poker;
  • Spinfire HUD - the most detailed and useful collection of statistics for Spin&Go tournaments and their analogues;
  • GT Spin HUD - another HUD for spin-and-go and other tournaments of this type;
  • Winsize Pack - an addition to your HUD or pop-up that gives clear information about the features of your opponents' bets depending on the strength of your hands on any street.

You can look at more information about each of the proposed packs for Hand2Note on the official website of the developer. To get a trial period, contact [email protected]. In the letter you must specify the email address from the Hand2Note account and the name of the package, which requires a free period. The free trial for all HUDs for Hand2Note  is available for 14 days.

Get great HUDs and start collecting maximum value from your rivals!