$ 120,000 will pay Chico network to micro-limit players


Chico Poker Network seeks to maintain a balance of interests among players from all disciplines. Immediately after the completion of the rake race among players of cash tables, an action is launched for MTT lovers (especially for low-limit players): a two-week guarantee will be issued for a total of $ 120,000.

Future tournament winners are advised to be ready by June 17 - the day the Micro Tournament Series starts. In two weeks, exactly 100 tournaments will be held with very affordable entry fees. The schedule provides for only 2 tournaments with a buy-in of more than $ 5.5. In the list of disciplines, most of the tournaments are in no-limit hold'em, but Omaha competitions will also be presented. Not without the omnipresent progressive knockout. The above 2 tournaments with larger admission fees simultaneously have the highest declared guarantee.

For 10 + 1 $ on June 22, a poker tournament with a guarantee of $ 10,000 will be held, and the Micro Tournament Series will close the Main Event of the entire series with a prize fund of $ 20,000 and a buy-in of 20 + 2 $ 30 June. This time, unfortunately, without leaderboards. We will not provide the entire schedule of the series; you can easily find it on the official website of TigerGaming.

Poker is a game with incomplete information. The more we know about the features of the game of opponents, the better we can build an effective strategy against them. But, if at the cash tables we run a kind of marathon and we can safely study all the habits of our opponents, then in small-fledged tournaments every little thing plays a key role. Data on opponents to gather up on such a short period of time is almost impossible task. Therefore, you should strive to get any available advantage.

Two ways to get the advantage and win at the poker tables in the tournament:

  1. Chico hand history. All you need to do is upload the dataset to your DriveHud, Poker Copilot 6 or Holdem Manager 2 (or another poker software for tracking hands). Just don’t turn on the poker room client until the hand history is fully loaded - to avoid unpleasant consequences.

  2. Sharkscope subscription. Information on the average played limit, the total profit, the current form - all this will allow you to make more informed and informed decisions during the game.