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iPoker Tools is designed to make playing the iPoker network much easier for any poker player. It is intended, first of all, for multitablers, who are used to playing at a large number of tables at the same time. The specific software of the iPoker network, which is somewhat different from the usual Pokerstars or 888 Poker tables, also stimulates the use of a program that allows you to increase the comfort of gaming sessions and simplify the life of poker players. In addition to the traditional conversion of the stacks into big blinds, betsize management for each street and ergonomic table placement on the monitor screen, iPoker Tools contains a number of additional useful options:

  • Convenient automatic placement of windows when opening new tables (subsequent windows open to the right of the first one and in free space, the size of the tables decreases with an increase in the number of tables played);
  • The ability to assign hotkeys on the keyboard and mouse;
  • You can enable HUD, which will show positions of players and their previous actions;
  • Change the fonts and their size for the convenience of the user;
  • The active window is framed with a special color frame;
  • There is no need to create a database or use other poker software (of course, except for the client of the poker room);
  • Changing the position and/or hiding various elements on the table.

No additional software is required for use (PokerTracker 4, Holdem Manager 2, Poker Copilot 6, Pokerstrategy Elephant). Supported on all versions of Windows (starting with 7). There are some problems due to the characteristics of individual iPoker rooms that support a slightly different table format. At the tables of these iPoker rooms, not all of the program’s functionality is possible.

You can use WPN Tools for free, without limitations on functionality, for 31 days from the moment of registration of the demo version on your computer. In order to start the trial period of use you must first download the program from the developer's site - download. Next, when you first start the program, when you see the login and password input window, you need to enter «‎demo»:

If you want to purchase a license for the first time, then when you pay for the order in our shop, you will need to enter in the corresponding field only your email address - the login and password will come there, by entering which you will activate the license for a period of 1 year. One pair "login-password" works only once!

If you need to renew the license, specify your login, which is saved in the Login.txt file, when placing the order. It is located in the folder where the program is installed.

If you change your PC or laptop, then you need to re-activate the license. To do this, send an email to with the subject "WPN Tools Lite reset activation" and specify a login (stored in the Login.txt file). In the reply letter will confirm the reset activation.

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