How to upload datamining to the Hand2Note tracker?


Poker trackers are a very useful tool in the hands of a skilled player. It allows you to analyze your own mistakes and collect information about all opponents at the table. Beginners sometimes have problems preparing the software for the game. One of the first questions after starting Hand2Note is importing hand history into the tracker.

How to import a datamining into the H2N database?

Hand2Note is the most advanced software for collecting statistics. It gives experienced users a big advantage, but newcomers find it hard to understand. That's why they end up here. Although the procedure for uploading hand history to Hand2Note is not too complicated. Here's what to do:

1. Start the poker tracker.

2. Click on the "Import..." button.

3. Select the "From Folder..." option.

4. Specify the path to the folder with the hand history.

5. After selecting the folder, the automatic import of the hands into the Hand2Note database will start.

The download time depends on the number of hands in the HH. In our case, the tracker imported 160,256 hands in 51 seconds. That is, a database of 1,000,000 hands would take about 6.5 minutes. Such rapidity is a matter of pride for the tracker developers. Competitors with this amount of data would take several times longer.

All information from the datamining will appear in the database. In the next session, all statistics will be displayed in the HUD. Do not upload someone else's hand history to Hand2Note or any other poker tracker with a running client in the room. Datamining is forbidden by all room rules and will result in a ban on detection. More information about it can be found in our articles: "What is Datamining?" and "The Role of Datamining in Poker...".

What makes Hand2Note so good for beginners?

Innovation, download speed, unique tools - it all sounds very cool, but for many players the main thing about Hand2Note is different. It's the only free tracker: as of fall 2019, the developer has made the basic version of H2N available to everyone. From now on, novice players don't need to spend a lot of money to buy software. They can display the HUD and use statistics anyway. Download Hand2Note for free and evaluate the tracker yourself.

At microlimits players need only a few stats to determine the type of opponent

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