PreflopHero - new poker software created for Spin&Go


In just a few years, Spin&Go tournaments have become more popular than any other SNG format in online poker. Such rapid growth is associated with three factors:

  • The chance to win a huge prize (at Pokerstars in 2019, the figure reached up to $ 3,000,000 to the winner) with small investments;
  • The high speed of tournaments. You do not have to sit for 10+ hours like in MTT to hit the jackpot;
  • The simplicity of the rules.

All these factors have lifted spins to the top of the Sit&Go food chain. A huge number of weak players in these tournaments attract the close attention of professional players (initially they were skeptical because of the too arcade structure of the new format). However, during the transition, the regulars faced an unpleasant problem - the lack of a poker program designed (or simply properly adapted) for Spin&Go tournaments. Of course, a skeptical reader will ask a reasonable question:

"And what special software is needed for tournaments, where the structure itself is based on a push\fold?"

But behind the seeming simplicity of the success formula in the spins, where push/fold is at the forefront, there is one fundamental flaw - a huge number of charts that you must remember by heart. Without this solid grind foundation, you can’t count on success at Spin&Go. Even a superficial enumeration of situations where different charts are required will take more than one line, or even a paragraph (3max game on BTN\SB\ BB; heads up from SB\BB against mini-raise and limp; game depending on size stack: short/medium/ deep; play against a weak player and regular; and so on).

“But do players in cash or other Sit&Go tournaments also have to memorize a large number of charts?”

- The skeptic asks again. Indeed, professional cash game players or tournament grinders also use a significant number of charts. But for their familiar environment, playing postflop is either more important than preflop, or is at the same level with it. This does not mean that you can ignore the work on your own preflop, but its role is significantly lower than in the spins. In addition, they face a purely methodological flaw: preflop hands have to be naturally memorized. Yes, they can use the starting hand matrices from Flopzilla or Power-Equilab. However, the main purpose of these equity calculators is to analyze the game postflop, and therefore they have their own limitations and do not fully comply with the requirements of Spin & Go. Another classic option is to write out combinations of hands on a piece of paper, which is bad for several reasons:

  • Lack of visibility. It is difficult to imagine that the average player each time sketched or presented a card matrix in his head;
  • Volumes of charts and their bulkiness;
  • Laziness of the players themselves.

For printed charts, these arguments are, for the most part, also valid.

In that case, why shouldn't a beginner Spin&Go player use poker software for tournament poker like SNG Wizard?

Here the problem will be similar to equity calculators - the limitations of the program and the lack of adaptation to the needs of the regulars of spins. To overcome all these problems, a program was developed for tournaments in the Spin&Go format - PreflopHero.

The most obvious argument in favor of a separate specialized program for Spin & Go charts is that learning in a game form is always more effective than a dry and tedious theory. Therefore, the simulator program, undoubtedly, has an advantage over painstaking memorization of the charts of starting hands.

PreflopHero Features and Training Types

Generally speaking, PreflopHero is a training program for improving your preflop strategy in Spin&Go tournaments. Intensive work in Preflop Hiro will allow you to quickly and efficiently learn the charts for all situations that arise during the game. However, it would be wrong to reduce everything to, albeit incredibly comfortable, remembering the lists of starting hands. The usefulness of the program is significantly higher:

  • You can avoid losing money through training in the app. You do not have to work out your skills “in the field”, losing buy-ins on mistakes;
  • Preflop Hero has built-in up-to-date starting hand charts from leading Spin&Go trainers. Thus, you will never find yourself with an outdated game strategy that no longer brings anything but disappointment and loss;
  • Charts from famous spins players are certainly good. Especially for players who are just starting their way. But there is a better option - you can create your own poker strategy using the advanced chart editor. Its “advancement” is ensured by additional settings for the size of bets, as well as the ability to set weight on certain hands;
  • In the process of working in the trainer, the program not only simulates situations from tournaments, but also indicates the mistakes you made. Moreover, it keeps their records and due to these statistics you can visually see the progress in your skill;
  • An important advantage - the application is also available for smartphones. In full mode. Instead of sticklessly sticking into the phone, you can pump up your mental muscles and increase your EV from playing spin and go on the bus, train, or in a long line at the supermarket checkout.

In order not to be unfounded, we will go through all the PreflopHero tabs.


Start tab in PreflopHero. Conventionally, it can be divided into 5 parts:

  1. Choice of the chart, on the basis of which the whole training will be held. Currently available "PreflopHero" chart and pack from Sawcrew. The last one is purchased separately;
  2. Advanced Training. Here, various game situations are grouped according to the number of players at the table and your position. Separately, there is a "Random" mode, which combines all the possible options in random order. We recommend starting your work in Preflop Hero here. This will allow you to assess your most vulnerable places and draw up an informed training plan;
  3. Custom Training. Advanced settings for the size of the effective stack and the type of opponent to work in the simulator.
  4. Analysis of the game in HU based on specified criteria.
  5. Analysis of the game in 3Max. It differs from Advanced Training in the same preset stack/type of the opponent, as well as in deep elaboration of hand scenarios. The variation in the big blind is particularly impressive. You can train: multiway after a mini-raise, HU against BTN, HU against SB, multiway against limpers, HU after BTN limp, HU after SB limp. Your inner perfectionist will cry with happiness.


On this tab you can see the default pack with the program charts, create your own, as well as purchase packs from third-party trainers. At the moment, only the pack from Sawcrew is available, but the developers of Preflop Hero announced the gradual addition of materials from other Spin&Go trainers.

Statistics (Statistic)

This tab acts as a high-precision measuring device for the level of your game. It is on the basis of color and percent that you can determine how well you know the game strategy in a particular scenario. Moreover, you can not only monitor your progress, but also study the most weaknesses of your strategy. Naturally, working through them and gradually eradicating them.


In the settings menu you can:

  • View and reassign hotkeys (Hotkeys);
  • Change the display of stacks in chips to big blinds;
  • The exact size of the stacks (another little perfectionist joy);
  • Switch the language of tips (currently only English and Russian are available);
  • Change the active chart;
  • Save your settings.


The developers of the program periodically hold draws among active users of Preflop Hiro, where a free subscription for a certain period (depending on the place taken) granted as a reward. The challenge itself is to go through a list of scenarios (tasks), with the highest possible result.

How to create your own chart in PreflopHero: step-by-step instructions

1. On the left, select the "Charts" tab;

2. Click on “Create” (highlighted by a dashed line);

3. In the pop-up window, give the name to your pack;

4. Choose “Look”;
5. There click "Create new lesson";

6. So we got to the immediate creation of charts for tournaments spin and go. First you need to choose: the number of players at the table (3 max or heads up), your position, type of opponent. Before starting the hands matrix, you should set the range of big blinds for which the chart will be correct. This is easily done using the “Setup ranges” button. When choosing this range, remember that you must put a value that exceeds the previous ones by one. Otherwise, PreflopHero will not let you save it.

7. Work with the hand matrix is ​​implemented intuitively. Let us dwell on only a few details in more detail. The range of hands for each of the actions is very easy to select. Step one - click on one of the proposed preflop actions (Fold, Call, Raise, All-in). Step two - by pressing the left mouse button we designate a specific hand and it is painted in the corresponding color. An alternative option is to hold the left mouse button and then select the hands in whole groups (significantly speeds up the process). Randomizer allows you to put the weight on specific hands, which will make your strategy more balanced and difficult for opponents to perceive. The “Add second action” button makes it possible to foresee the reaction to the opponent’s response.

For example, you made a mini-raise, the opponent went All-in and we already have a specific solution on hand, consisting of the range of hands you have chosen in the second matrix.

The “Reset” button completely clears the matrix of starting hands, and “Copy Previous” transfers all your ranges to the new matrix for the second action or for a different size of effective stacks.

How to find your mistakes in PreflopHero?

1. Go to the “Stats” tab;

2. Choose a specific situation where you made mistakes. For example, a game on BTN;

3. Click on the highlighted "Mistakes";

4. A new window opens with a list containing detailed information about each of your errors.

5. Clicking on any of their hands will cause a pop-up window with visualization of the error.

6. In the "Replay" mode, you can open the chart and understand the essence of the error, as well as see what action Preflop Hero recommends to you.

How to buy PreflopHero at PokerEnergy?

1. Go to the "Shop" section of our website;
2. From the list on the left, select the "Programs-trainers" tab;

3. In the list that appears, select PreflopHero;

4. A notification about adding a product will appear automatically. After that, go to the basket by clicking on the "Cart" button (in the upper right corner);

5. Select the term of subscription (license) that interests you, as well as the payment method and click on "Checkout".

6. After payment is confirmed, your order will be sent to the mail you specified (during registration).

Why is it profitable to purchase PreflopHero from us?

  1. When you purchase an annual license for a poker trainer, you can significantly save. A 12 month license costs $ 150. Renewing a license will cost $ 20 per month. That is, renewing every month for a year, you will pay $ 240. Simple calculations ($ 240 -150 $) allow us to say with confidence about the savings of $ 90.
  2. If you purchase a training pack with charts from Sawcrew, then the license for 1 month PreflopHero is provided as a gift;
  3. For every purchase you make at the PokerEnergy store, you will receive bonus points. You can spend these bonus points on the purchase of any goods in our store. That will allow you to save more and more money with each new purchase.
  4. A large number of available payment methods will allow you not to lose money on re-conversions or additional commissions. Among the payment methods presented are: WebMoney, Skrill, Qiwi, Neteller, Yandex Money, PayPal, Visa/Master Card.
  5. The average lead time on is 1-2 hours. But no more than 24 hours (with the exception of the rarest force majeure).

Make your PreflopHero purchase right now in just a few clicks. If you still have any questions, then our technical support is at your service. You can also evaluate the usefulness of the program for free on the official website of the developer of the poker simulator.